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Frankly, it’s now quite confusing when Opening Day for Major League Baseball takes place, so for the sake of gifting, let’s call this Opening Week.

As a baseball fanatic, I know that for the next six months or so, my passion for my team (Yankees) and the game itself will approach fanatical levels. I also know that while many do not share the intensity of this passion, for those who do, a list of latest in baseball-related gift ideas is as welcomed a sight as peanuts and Crackerjacks.

So for the moment, I’ll trade my ball cap in for my gifting hat and step up to the plate with some great gift ideas for the baseball lover.

1. 2012 Topps Baseball Cards- I loved collecting baseball cards as a kid. I still always get the urge to buy a pack when I see them. Also, this is a fun and unique gift for the new born boy. A full set of cards from his birth year is a great time capsule gift.

2. Baseball junkies will love seeing the official patches teams will wear on their uniforms this year. Love this one for the All-Star Game.

3. Yu Darvish has myth-like status. Big league ace? Big league bust? Who knows, probably somewhere in between.  But I can’t wait to watch him pitch. Behold the Yu Darvish tee.

4. With Bill James there would be no Brad Pitt(?) Bill James is a the baseball statistics pioneer ultimately setting the stage for Moneyball the book and Oscar-nominated film.  Baseball fans get to really geek out with the Bill James Handbook 2012.

5. Don’t forget the kids. Nicktoons 3D Baseball for the 3DS is a wild and fun new game that combines a little guy’s favorite things: baseball & Nicktoons characters….in 3D!

6. Spring means re-kindling old rivalries. These two tees will certainly bring smug smiles to friends and foes alike for Yankees and Sox fans.

7. Not all baseball gifts are team gear. Here’s a classic. The “Safe” paperweight is a timeless desktop accessory. Did someone say “Father’s Day” (6/17/12)?

8. The Rawlings Official Major League Baseball is the ball the same ball they use in big league games. A great gift for just throwing around but also works as room décor for a big-time fan.

9. As a fan I love seeing all the new looks teams sport for the new season. One bright example from this year’s crop of new gear is the Miami Marlins road cap. Bright idea or major league fashion strikeout?  I kinda like it!

Nine gifts, like nine innings sometimes still doesn’t complete the game. If you need to go extra innings, check out the rest of our great baseball gifts ideas.


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