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When you really think about it, tennis is probably one of the more accessible sports out there. As a workout out tennis is tough beat too. So while tennis may come across as a little country clubby, you’re probably a lot closer than you think to stepping on the court and giving it a swing.

First off, you’re going to need a court. Between public courts in your town in local parks and schools, it’s very easy to find a place close by to play. They may be some guidelines to booking court time, but in many cases, if there’s an open court, just hop on. I know in my town I see empty tennis courts all the time! Here’s a site to help you search for a court near you.

Next you’re going to need a racket.  There are some great entry-level rackets from Wilson that make a lot of sense.  In fact, Wilson has an easy guide to find a great racketThe Blade Hybrid (1) and the The Hope Lite (2) are strong “entry” level rackets that are lightweight and provide plenty of control to assist the beginner. These rackets provide lots of value too as they are technically great rackets as well as reasonably priced (both under $80). And Wilson makes a donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation with a purchase of the Hope Lite racket.

Think you’re ready for the big time? Wilson is the preferred racket of some of today’s top pros. It’s actually pretty cool to think you can play with the same racket as Roger Federer. So if you’re really feeling it, hit big just like Roger and use his racket – Pro Staff Six.One 90 (3).

As for gear, I like to go with the traditional white gear – especially in the summer. Again, Wilson has you covered with their “Country Club” line. This fresh looking lineup definitely lets you “play” the part, even if you game doesn’t yet. The Country Club short and top will make you look like pro and top it off with the classic looking jacket and you should get ready to sign a few autographs.

Lastly, accessorizing is key in tennis because again, for the beginner especially, it’s just as important to look good as it is to play good. The Nike Swoosh Bandana will strike fear in any opponent, while the wristbands are pretty much an accessory “must” for the tennis player.

Tennis is a great, and in many ways, under rated sport. There’s little excuse to at least gear up and get out there to give it a try!

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