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The summer solstice is this week and that means that it’s time to update our wardrobes, decor and gift selections to reflect the warm weather and sunshine! To honor this transition, our editors are taking you on a tour of what’s “hot” for summer in their areas of expertise.

It’s not easy being cool when it starts to get hot, but you gotta try right? Coming off the heels of my “Top Ten Things For Spring”, I’m excited to deliver the next installment. “10 Things For A No-Bummer Summer”.  Is the title a stretch? Yup. But this crop of new summer gear will help make Summer 2012 one to remember.

1.  The Boat CC shoes from adidas were basically surgically attached to my feet last summer. The hybrid land/water shoe will be back into heavy rotation with some great new colors for 2012. The vented shoe bottoms drain water in seconds allowing for seamless transition from the pool, to the snack bar to the car. And they look soooo fresh.

2.  The Tropical Island Shade Shack from Kelsyus was a great find from OR (Outdoor Retailer) last summer. These very portable shade tents will provide that needed break from the sun at the beach. They play nice around water so you can even set one up at water’s edge. And speaking of set up, putting up the Shade Shake takes less than 20 seconds. Take a look:

3.  I’m a huge fan of NERF. But when weekday office battles transition into weekend water fights, you’re gonna need some heavy fire power. Look no further than the Super Soaker Lightning Storm from NERF. This fully automatic (battery-powered!!) water blaster will have all near and far screaming for mercy. And with the 35 ounce water drum providing the ammo, you’ll be the boss of the block.

4.  With lots of beach on pool time on the schedule, guys are going to want to step up their grooming game. The Lithium Ion Stainless Steel Groomer from Wahl, is a heavy duty trimmer/groomer that will make quick of all men’s grooming needs. Whether it’s a quick trim around the sideburns or neckline or using the clipper guide combs to stave off a trip to the barber, this grooming gadget will quickly become go-to gear in a guy’s manscaping repertoire.

5.  Just when you thought it was safe to return to the water… The inflatable donut pool float is pretty much an irresistible pool toy. Who doesn’t like donuts? The four foot diameter, donut float (complete with icing and sprinkles of course) is sure to make any pool party better because it’s a known fact that donuts make everything better.

6.  Last Summer at the Outdoor Retailer trade show I got an early look at the Sand-Free Tote Bag from CGear and now it’s ready for its first season at the beach. CGear uses proprietary technology that allows sand to flow through one side of the material but not the other. So at the end of a long day at the beach, just fill your tote with your beach gear, give the bag a few shakes and all the loose sand from your gear will fall out from the bottom of the tote. No more sand filled beach bag bottoms. The perfect bag for summers at the beach.

7.  SMS Audio has partnered with 50 Cent to come out headphones that will make all your summer jams sound much better. The “Street by 50” is an in-ear, ear bud style headphone that delivers super comfort and top-notch, crystal clear sound. And with in-line volume control, you can tune in and out as you please. Street by 50 come in classic black or summer-approved white.

8.  But sometimes you can’t keep you’re music to yourself.  If you’re in summer party mode, you have to check out the Rukus Solar from Eton. The Rukus is a solar-powered, Blutooth-enabled portable sound system. Play non-stop, unlimited music via your mobile device’s stored music or from online music services. The Rukus is a great summer companion ideal for picnics, pool parties or the beach. You can even use the Rukus to charge your gadgets too.

9.  Every summer Sanuk adds a little glide to your summer stride with great looking “FUNK-tional” sandals. Last summer I spied a preview of a laugh-out-loud sandal that will be taking beaches by storm this summer. It’s the “That’s What She Said” sandal. Made with a comfy, contoured yoga mat footbed and outsole straps made from rubber bike tire inner tubes, the real devilish side of the sandal lives on its sole. An imprint of the words “That’s What She Said” are molded upside down so the funny punch line is delivered in the sand after each step!

10.  Lastly, I’ve always wondered what would happen if my ancient golf swing met up with new technology. I’ll have a chance to find out this summer with the new NG360 a.k.a. the Nike Golf App. This iphone app will attempt to do the impossible by making my golf game better. The interactive app lets you score your rounds, track all your strokes and stats and even lets you upload video of your swing for analysis and comparison with the pros. Have I run out of excuses to break 90?

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