Top 10 Best Eco Friendly Gifts: 2012 Giftee Awards

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They are here! With your help, we have found the best of the best in 10 amazing gift categories. And, big thanks to the help of the Giftee Awards Judges  in trimming down the nominees from over 5,000 total to 10 for each category.  Trust me when I say that there were SO many others we wish we could have included & some that we just didn’t ‘get’ at all.

Your holiday shopping is in the bag if you use the 2012 Giftee Awards as your guide!

The 10 Best Eco-Friendly Gifts are a compilation of useful and beautiful products that you would buy even without knowing they are eco-friendly! And what makes these everyday items that much greater is that you can actually use them while still doing “good” for the environment. This list has items ranging from tech products, like the portable solar Bluetooth sound system, to all natural dog toys, so you can feel great about your purchases!

So, without further ado…here are the Top 10 Best Eco Friendly Gifts! And remember, Giftees winners will be announced Nov. 26th, Cyber Monday!


1. Ursa the Bear – $134.99 – Built with a hardwood body and elastic muscles, Ursa the Bear, from the Latin for “bear,” is virtually indestructible and able to sustain all kinds of damage. From designer David Weeks, this is an enduring toy that will be fun for generations of children as well as adults.

2. Recycled Beer and Wine Bottle Vases  - $90.00 – Common glass becomes a thing of beauty in the hands of artist Nanda Soderberg who heats, shapes and expands glass to transform the ordinary curves of beer and wine bottles into billowing sculptural objects.

3. Grow Your Own Tea and Coffee Gift Box - $19.95 – If you’re a constant sipper or forever making a brew, you’ll adore the Grow Your Own Tea & Coffee Gift Box! No need to worry about pitching up in a greenhouse for the next few months or moving to an exotic country, the Grow Your Own Tea & Coffee Gift Box can be planted and grown in your own home!

4. E-Vehicles - $24.98 – The sporty look, bold hues and smooth-rolling wheels are what kids love most about these cool vehicles, while parents (and Mother Nature) appreciate their eco-friendly materials: renewable bamboo, natural rubber and water-based paints.

5. Tree To Be Kit- Tulip Tree – $22.00 – The tulip tree is one of America’s most magnificent deciduous trees, and now you can raise one of your own to grow in your yard with this simple tree-to-be kit. With complete instructions, you get to watch your tree grow all the way from its humble days as a mere seedling.

6. Pine Crayons - $17.95 – Rafael Cuyo is one of the artisans who makes these pine crayons. The sticks from these crayons are gathered during the pruning process. This process helps the trees grow and encourages reforestation.

7. Small Earth Friendly Good Dog Bucket – $49.95 – Reward your best pal with this eco-friendly galvanized gift bucket personalized with his or her name. Irresistible, all-natural contents include a bag of gourmet cheese treats, baked in the USA, plus three fun toys and a set of biodegradable dog waste bags in a recycled-plastic case.

8. I’m Not a Paper Cup – Chalkboard Edition -$12.00 – The “I’m Not a Paper Cup” chalkboard edition is an eco-friendly thermal cup that is great for grabbing your favorite hot beverage to go. Reusable, porcelain cup with a silicone lid and a writable chalkboard surface. A great eco gift!

9. Magno Portable Radio - $224.99 – The Magno Portable Radio is more than just an AM/FM radio with MP3 capabilities. Recognized as a true functioning work of art, this portable version of the Magno Radio is a retro-style radio with modern technology. You’ll love the look and sound of this unique piece of electronic history. Handcrafted in a small Indonesian farming village from naturally harvested wood.

10. Eton Rukus Solar Sound System – $150.00 – The Eton Rukus Solar is a portable Bluetooth sound system with a high efficiency solar panel, so you can play your tunes all day long. Take it out to the park, to a tailgate, or use it at home with this self-powered sound system.

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