Top Gadget Cases by Personality: Part Two

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Due to the sheer volume of case options out there for smartphones, iPads and e-readers, we had to break up our favorite picks into a series of posts! As previously mentioned, gadget accessories tend to reflect the owner’s personal style. For the outdoorsy people, they’re going to need something that can handle the rough and tumble of their travels. For the Hipsters and Geeks, they’re going to want something that’s cool and unique. For every type of person out there, there’s an appropriate case to suit their personality and taste. And we attempted to track down them all.

Outdoor Adventurer

Clockwise: KlearKase for Kindle 3 | OTTERBOX iPad Defender Case | Aqua Box Waterproof Smartphone Case | iSkin Q.West Sling |

These avid backpackers love the escape of the great outdoors, but that doesn’t mean they leave civilization completely behind. Look for a gadget case that can handle their active lifestyle. That means waterproof, weather-resistant, padded and above-average protection.


Clockwise: Angry Birds iPhone 4 Case | Wonder Woman iPad Skin | Case-Mate iPad Pop! Stand | BrickCase for iPhone 4

Trying to find the newest “it” gadget for the Geeky tech-lover is both challenging and expensive. But finding them a cool case to protect their ever-accumulating gear collection is easy. Choose from funky pop-culture themed cases or look for ones that come with extra features like a pop-out viewing stand. Being tech-savvy was never this easy!


Clockwise: Literary Art iPhone 4 Cases | Mollaspace Envelope Bag | M-Edge Trip Jacket for nook | Tuned Up! Phone Case and Stand

Forget those standard leather cases, these hipsters only want to deck out their gadgets in the coolest of cases. Appeal to their interests like reading and music, or look for sleek and travel-friendly bags and sleeves to suit their urban inspired taste.


Photos Courtesy of: Tech Byte and The Awesomer

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