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One perk of being a kid is being able to create your own world where your thoughts and imagination can come to life. My hideaway when I was a kid was a fort that I made out of bed sheets and two desk chairs. I kept some snacks in there, my favorite dolls, a flashlight for night reading and various other objects I would need for future fort adventures. A few years have passed since my days of fort making, but the fort gods have finally brought to us the most exciting, fantasy filled forts or play tents ever! These play tents are not your average sheet and desk chair fort, oh no, these play tents are fit for the queens and kings, princes and princesses, astronauts, Indians and anything else that little imaginations can think up.

One of my favorite types of play tents, and a huge trend right now, are kid-sized teepees. The two that top my list are the Pottery Barn Kids Teepee and the Land Of Nod Orange Striped Teepee. These magical play tents are designed after traditional Native American teepees that are perfect for play time and so great looking, you’ll want to permanently display them in your living room. Imagine that, a children’s play toy you’re actually proud to show off! Everyone wins!

Pottery Barn Kid's TeePee

A perfect place for kid meetings, puppet shows, and all around good fun is this all wooden kid sized indoor log cabin. It is the perfect hideaway for kids to dream about pioneering in the woods and roasting pretend s’mores!

Kid Log Cabin

Kids are always talking about what they want to be when they grow up and it is our job as parents, teachers, siblings and family members to encourage them to continue to dream and have fun doing it. That’s why I love themed tents. They create a space for your little dreamer to carry out his/her fantasies while making playtime feel real.

For boys, the top themed tents include:

A Pirate’s Treasure Play Tent

Knights Castle Play Tent

Garage Play Tent

Sailor Blue Striped Play Tent

For girls, the top themed tents include:

The Princess Play Tent

Pretty Pink Polka Dot Play Tent

Cottage Play Tent

Rose Fairy Play Tent

Corrugated Play House

And there you have it! Have your kids choose their fantasy hideaway today and get to it, play time’s-a-wastin’!


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