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As the beauty editor at Gifts.com, I spend a lot of time checking out the latest trends, fads, and collections to find the best gifts. And, every once in a while, I’m blown away by the ingredients in the hottest beauty products on the market. You are not going to believe what the “secret sauce” is in this list of some of the most unbelievable beauty secrets to hit the shelves in the last year. From whale vomit to magnetic dust, we really will try anything to feel more beautiful!

nailsinc. Magnetic Nail Polish, $30 This trio of polishes is a favorite of the nail art crowd. Simply paint on the polish that contains special magnetic dust, then use the accompanying magnet wand to move the paint around to create unique patterns and effects!

Hask Henna ‘n’ Placenta, $9 This controversial product is made from, you got it, real sheep placenta. The treatment solution is made for extremely damaged hair and is said to work wonders if you are bold enough to try it.

Men’s Oceans Pure by Nautica Eau de Toilette, $32 A popular men’s fragrance for years, this seemingly normal cologne features a secret ingredient: ambergris, or as we know it,whale vomit. I don’t want to know how they collect that!

Demeter Lobster Cologne Spray, $22 Famous for its realistic scent, this unique fragrance from Demeter uses the essence of real lobster. Perfumeries use all sorts of shocking ingredients to create their signature blends, as you learned above, but this scent doesn’t even try to fool you with a pretty name. It is all lobster, all the time. I wonder if it would smell better if it were called something like “Perfection” instead.

Dr. Jart + Premium Time Returning Cream , $58 This magic serum contains 77% snail mucin, which is an ingredient rich in healing and anti-aging benefits. If you can handle the source of its magic, this cream is sure to turn back time.

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