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There’s been quite a debate within the Gift Guru ranks about underwear as a gift for Father’s Day.

Some say it’s a little weird as a Father’s Day gift. But some, like me, say it’s actually a great way to go for dad.

On practical level, dad needs and will use underwear. Frankly, do you see him going out and buying himself an new pair anytime soon? There’s no doubt in my mind there are dads wearing underwear that would have to be carbon dated to get an accurate idea of how old they are. And on a style level, a fresh pair or two of new unders will most likely add a little glide to his stride. Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to get dad some new desperately needed boxers.  Bottom line, getting a few new pairs into the rotation will help cycle out some of the fossils and represents a low-risk, high reward Father’s Day gift idea.  Here are a few ways to go…

Let’s start off easy. Nothing crazy. Plain white knit boxers have been a crowd favorite since the dawn of time*. These knit boxers from Eddie Bauer are a safe low-risk choice. But as mentioned before, dad may still have underwear from Clinton administration. Let’s get him back on track with these. *Probably not exactly true.

Now that the basics are out of the way, we can move forward with some pairs that step out on the style front. These star print boxers while not too splashy, add an element of style. If dads not up for anything crazy, yet you think he should move on to unders with a little more flare, these are the baby steps he should take.

Recently, adidas sent me a pair of Flex360 Sport Performance Boxer Briefs. The key word is certainly performance. These tagless boxers are equally comfy in the normal daily underwear rotation or as an athletic under short. They are extremely comfortable and come in so great colors. On the performance side, they’re made of CLIMALITE so they’re quick drying and have an odor-resistant treatment. They are ideal for a dad who does the frequent work-to-gym-to-home routine.

Here’s one that’s perfect for an “out-of-the-box” boxer kind of dad. I would have thought you were kidding if you told me wool boxers are comfy. It’s the exact opposite. The Men’s Boxer Brief from Icebreaker are made from 100% Merino wool and the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn.  They have a Euro cut with a snug fit- but certainly not tight. These are certainly the Father’s Day unders with plenty of swagger!

If you want to totally overhaul dad’s underwear game plan check out MeUndies.com. MeUndies specializes in quality, high value underwear for men (and women!). You can buy MeUndies a single pair at a time or you can hook dad up with an underwear subscription. Have a new pair auto-shipped each month and change up the style and colors as you go. You can pause or cancel anytime. The underwear gift that keeps on giving!

It’s hard not to be impressed with the Give-N-Go boxer by Ex Officio. Made from breathable, lightweight, and odor resistant performance fabrics, these fast drying boxers can literally be worn every single day. Ideal for travel as you can wash in a hotel sink and because the dry in a flash, they’re ready to be worn again in a few hours. In fact one pair of Give-N-Go boxers have been tested across 16 countries over six weeks- that’s over 100 days on the same pair!

BONUS: Did you know that nearly every pair of underwear in America is not made in the USA? A brand new company called Flint and Tinder will soon change all that. Flint and Tinder intends to make high quality, underwear for men and to make them right here in the U.S.A. They recently took to Kickstarter to raise $30K to launch the company. They raised close to $300K! So hopefully, very soon, we’ll start to see Flint and Tinder underwear at the stores we know and love. Keep your eye out for these guys.

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