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After living in New York City for 6 years, and being a Florida native, I’ve finally figured out how to skate through the winter unscathed. Here is my suggested invincible winter wardrobe that will have you skipping through blizzards and freezing rain like it’s a summer afternoon. Sure, I had to save my pennies and miss out on some other much more stylish purchases, but I don’t regret it all now that I’m the only one not complaining about the record breaking winter. Trust me, when it comes to winter garb, it’s worth the investment.

Best trudging through the snow boots: Moovboots – hand made in Australia of recycled rubber and shearling, these suckers are warm, cushy, shiny and waterproof. I love them. They’re a little heavy so it’s sort of like a work out wearing them, but they are invincible. I bring my flats in my purse or leave them at my desk & switch out when I get to work & before I go home.

Best winter coat: Canada Goose Kensington Parka – This coat was made to withstand life in the arctic. The fur trim covers most of your face so that even on the coldest day where temperatures are well below freezing, only the tip of your nose will get cold. And it’s long enough to keep most of your legs warm. I love the belt and the fact that it isn’t quilted. It seems less casual than most down coats. All of their coats come with a lifetime guarantee so no matter what happens, unless you lose it, cut it or set it on fire, they’ll replace it.

Best winter gloves – Marmot Fuzzy Wuzzy Gloves. They’re not the prettiest things, but they’re windproof, lined with warm faux shearling and aren’t nearly as bulky as a lot of winter proof gloves are.

Best scarf – Pleece Scarf: Design Stockholm makes everything modern and beautiful, from dining room chairs to winter scarves. I love their “Pleece” scarf because it’s warm, soft and isn’t so bulky that I can’t get my coat zipped up all the way with it on the inside. . Not to mention the ribbing makes it look super cool.

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