Top 10 Best Gifts For the Host: Giftee Awards

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They are here! With your help, we found the best of the best in 10 amazing gift categories. And, big thanks to the help of the Giftee Awards Judges in trimming down the nominees from over 5,000 total to 10 for each category.  Trust me when I say that there were SO many others we wish we could have included & some that we just didn’t ‘get’ at all.

Your holiday shopping is in the bag if you use the Giftee Awards as your guide!

Getting great gifts for hosts  can be a challenge. You don’t want to give anything that will interrupt the occasion you are there for. But, you also want to give a gift that will be remembered and appreciated in your absence. To help you on your merry way to all of the parties you find yourself invited to this holiday season, we (and you by voting in the 2012 Giftees)  have put together a list of gifts that any host would love, need and use. Any one of these useful and creative hostess gifts will be sure to impress and guarantee you an invite back!

So, without further ado…here are the Top 10 Best Gifts For the Host!


WINNER: Soup and Cracker Mugs (set of 2)  – $11.99 – The 2012 Giftee Award Winner for Best Gift For the Host! Keep your crackers tidy and at-the-ready with Soup & Cracker Mugs. With these 16-ounce soup mugs, you no longer have to settle for soggy crackers or crumb-laden tabletops.

2. Culinary Edible Flower Growing Kit - $69.95 – Modern art, a splash of color, and antioxidant heaven? This kit pulls it off right on the windowsill. The wooden stand holds three white ceramic pots and a colorful array of edible flowers, easily at hand for flavorful additions to salads, soups, and more.

3. Handblown Glass Fish Straws (Set of 2) - $25.00 – Here’s a real fish story for you: there’s a wide-eyed surprise waiting for you at the bottom of these hand blown glass drinking straws. A grinning little guppy! Full of bright color and detail, these big-mouthed beauties funnel in the soda or juice as you sip. Made from hand blown borosilicate glass, they are safe to use with both hot and cold beverages.

4. Rae Dunn Magenta Cheese Markers (Set of 6) -  $34.00 – Playful word-bubble markers printed with the names of favorite gourmet cheeses complement your happy hour spread and also make a great gift set.

5. Eva Solo Tea Bag - $23.21 – The Eva Solo tea bag takes its shape from the tea bag as we know it but, unlike a paper teabag it can be refilled indefinitely to brew your favorite cup or pot of tea. The teabag is made of stainless steel with a silicone base that opens for filling and emptying loose tea leaves.

6. Cooking Guide Apron - $24.99 – The Cooking Guide Apron is printed with tons of handy info that any cook will find useful. Simply lift the bottom of the apron to review common conversion charts, a cooking glossary, freezing and defrosting guidelines, steak wellness tips, and much, much more.

7. Social Light Manhattan Lighter With Swarovski Crystals $35.99 The Manhattan refillable butane candle flame lighter from Social Light is an elegant choice for home lighting needs. Featuring uptown sophistication and SoHo swank all in one, the randomly set Swarovski crystals and black rubber finish plus polished chrome accents give the Manhattan lighter an urban flare.

8. Sticks and Stones Swizzle Set - $32.00 – Designed to keep drinks perfectly mixed without the diluting effects of ice, these natural Sea Stone Swizzle Sticks are the perfect addition to any bar! Includes a real wood base that offers a presentable storage solution while the sticks are in the freezer.

9. DIY Cheese Making Kit - $25.95 – With this DIY kit, it’s easy to make your own all-natural ricotta and mozzarella in less than an hour using basic kitchen equipment and milk from your local store. Your pure, flavorful and tender fresh-made cheeses will put their store-bought counterparts to shame.

10. Molecular Mixology Kit – Mojito Set  – $30.00 – Try this fresh take on the classic mint-and-rum refresher to take drinks and entertaining to a whole new level. Deconstruct mint leaves into buoyant “caviar” bubbles or a flavor-filled cloud of foam. It’s even possible to encapsulate every ingredient into a sphere that explodes with flavor, introducing your tastebuds to the essence of the cocktail.


Get more gift inspiration and shop all of the Giftee Award Winners & Finalists.

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