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It’s graduation season and that symbolizes the beginning of new adventures. What better way to document that journey than with an insanely cool camera? Even though my graduation was years ago, I was able to try out a La Sardina Cubic camera thanks to my friends at Lomography. I have to say that I haven’t touched film in a very long time and had no idea what to expect from this little camera designed after a sardine can. It has very few moving parts and its biggest bell and whistle is its unique design. I want to collect them all now! But, I love the color covers for the flash, the wide angle lens and the ability to take multiple exposures on the same frame. Check out the possibilities in the collage below!

In the spirit of documenting life as we know it, we’re giving away a La Sardina Metal Edition Czar.  It sells for $179! It comes in shimmering brass and elegant blue. You will feel like royalty when you tote this puppy around. It has all of the fun features of the La Sardina that I tried out but comes in this super cool limited edition design.  Today May 14th through June 1st, you can enter to win the La Sardina Czar. One lucky winner will start a new adventure of their own; wherever they are in life.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER & to see all the contest details.

Lomography is famous for their unique take on bringing film photography back to the lives of young people. They make their cameras affordable, easy to use and super stylish so that they become as much of an accessory as a cool pair of shoes. They also have a huge online community and stores with fun tutorials and events that make pushing boundaries with your camera more fun than you could ever imagine. If you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get invited to special events and learn about new tricks you can try and new cameras that are coming out.

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