Top 10 Most Unusual Gifts: 2012 Giftee Awards

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They’re here! With your help, we have found the best of the best in 10 amazing gift categories. And, big thanks to the help of the Giftee Awards Judges  in trimming down the nominees from over 5,000 total to 10 for each category.  Trust me when I say that there were SO many others we wish we could have included & some that we just didn’t ‘get’ at all.  One thing we know for sure is that your holiday shopping is in the bag if you use the Giftee Awards as your guide!

Make sure you get your votes in on your favorites for a chance to win $1000 shopping spree & other prizes! Learn more about how to win!

Our top 10 Most Unusual Gifts category encompasses an array of fun finds you wouldn’t expect to see in your average retail store. If you’re tired of the same old same old, these products will get any one of your family or friends chatting up a storm! Ever think of gifting a 26 pound gummy bear?! Well, to your over indulging, candy addict nephew, this would be the equivalent to hitting the jackpot! So, think about it, and you decide, what is this years most unusual gift?


1. Crazy Cat Lady Board Game  - $16.33 - You can never have too many cats, or can you? Nope.  In this exciting board game you attempt to collect more cats than your fellow competitors as you make your way around the board. Gain more cats by landing on spaces like “Save a Cat Stuck in a Tree” and “Rescue Grumpy Old Cat From Pound.” But watch out for spaces that take cats from you like “Beware of Dog” and “Kitten Distracted by Bit of Fluff.

2. Red Solo Cup Wine Glass Set – $14.99 – Now there’s a way to stay classy while still drinking from that Red Solo cup we all love so much! The Red Solo Cup Wine Glass Set includes a set of 2 Ceramic Wine Glasses. Each glass holds up to 12 oz, and is 8″ tall.

3. Superman Caped Knee High Socks - $10.00 - Immediately claim the nickname Calves of Steel with these Superman Caped Knee High Socks! These are the Superman socks worn by Robert Griffin III, or RG3 as we cool people call him!

4. 26 pound party gummy bear - $149.99 - This 26-pound candy beast ensures that your shindigs have no equal. Imagine the shock of your party goers when they realize that your 32,000-calorie gummy bear also features an integrated one-liter serving bowl! Serve punches, candies, or even more gummy bears from within this seventeen-inch-long confection.

5. Workaholics Bear Coat – $200.00 - You’ll be lookin’ straight grizzly fur sure when you roll around in this Workaholics Bear Coat. You’ll feel just like Blake, especially if you put a bottle of ipecac in your pocket. It’s like a get out of work free pass.

6. Maternity Mug - $12.00 - Celebrate your role as a health professional or honor a friend with new life on the way! The heavy ceramic maternity mug is dishwasher safe and holds 10 oz. Solid white mug allows for easy customization or the perfect baby shower gift.

7. Bacon Lover’s Lollipop Gift Set - $14.49 - Attention all bacon lovers!! We have found your new favorite bacon item. Our Bacon Lover Lollipop Gift Set has maple, honey and barbecue flavored savory-sweet lollipops! The sensation you will get from this candy can’t be found anywhere else!

8. Lil’ Shaver Mustache Pacifier - $11.99 - Hey, that baby has a mustache! No, it’s just the Chill Baby Lil’ Shaver Mustache Pacifier, silly! Do your kid a favor and get them started on their mustache early!

9. Giant Fist Cool Can Koozie - $14.99 - Everybody you know will love the BEAST! Its a giant foam fist that keeps a beverage can cold.

10. Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Bag with Sound & Light - $34.55 - Made by the quality folks at Thermos, the R2-D2 lunchbag is nearly a foot tall and made of food-safe, BPA-free materials. Foam insulation keeps your food fresh from morning packing until lunch time, when you’ll want to push the button and show off the lights and sounds for all your friends!


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