6 Unique Gift Ideas for Boys

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Can you believe the holidays are here? A few weeks ago, I started putting together a list of gift ideas for my boys. Let’s face it; gift giving can be tough when you are trying to find something original, within your budget, age appropriate, at least kinda safe, and of-the-moment enough to impress a kid. That’s why I love to research and find a few items that are not already on my boys’ Christmas wish list to surprise them. You know, the gifts that will hopefully make them scream, “AWESOME!” That’s when I know I have hit it big (and can give myself a pat on the back).

I love looking for gifts that will spark my boys’ creativity and keep them active. If your boys are anything like mine, they love a good competitive game. The portable ping-pong set ($39.95) is the perfect resolution! It comes with a portable net, adjustable paddles, and two ping-pong balls in a drawstring pouch for easy travel and storage. You can keep this in the car, to make it easy to pull it out, hook it up, and keep them busy when visiting friends and family.


With just a little imagination you can turn every day objects into pretty much anything you want! The Scarp Kins Build-It Book Volume 1 ($16.19) gives you step-by-step instructions on how to turn toilet paper tubes and milk cartons into pirate ships, bird feeders, and more! With the winter months ahead, this will give your kids plenty of time to work on projects and allow them to use their creativity and imagination!




Like most kids, my boys can get really wild when cooped up in the house. The Torx Monster Wall Ball ($24.99) is a fun game to play on days when you need to keep them busy. With this game, you can set-up crazy trick shots and bounce the ball from the two targets to the basket. Make it a friendly competition and see who can get the ball in the basket in the least amount of shots. I recommend doing this in the basement or garage – away from breakable items.


For boys that like to fly around like Superman, how about the Makaboo’s Make Your Own Superhero Cape Kit ($45)?  This craft includes a plain superhero cape, craft glue and brush, felt sheets, stick-on shapes, colored pencils, a design page, glitter glue and design tips. Not only does it promote creativity, but hours of fun once their cape is completed!


For “Star Wars” fans, there’s nothing better than waking up to Darth Vader sound effects with the Star Wars Alarm Clock ($59.99). The coolest part? Dark Vader’s light saber and base light up in red!



For school-aged boys who love a good challenge, put their brains to work with the Lab Test Game ($20). It may seem simple: take each puzzle apart and then rebuild it. But of course, it’s never what it seems! With four ascending difficulty levels to choose from, these puzzles keep brains sharp and hands busy for hours!


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Tina Seitzinger is a mom of two very active boys and the voice behind Life Without Pink – a personal lifestyle blog focused on parenting and raising boys. In October 2012, Tina was selected as the Trend Trio Family Expert for P&G’s “Have You Tried This Yet?” She offered ongoing insider secrets, tips, and product advice to help improve the daily grind. Seitzinger is also the co-founder of Girls’ Lunch Out, a marketing company that hosts networking events for women in social media and is part of the social media team at Baby Center,  where she manages blogger outreach programs, strategy and social media content. When not working, tweeting or socializing online, she can be found trying a new recipe of the week, watching bad reality TV or playing Superheroes with her boys. Connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.


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