Diamond Fashion Rings: A Gift for Any Occasion

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Maybe you’ve been married to or have been dating that special someone for a long time and you really want to give her something special to show how much you care. While that go-to bouquet of flowers always makes her happy and brings a giant smile to her face, you know that those flowers inevitably end up in the trash can under coffee grounds and unread mail after spending a mere week on your dining room table.

You want to do something different this time. This time you want to give something with permanence. This time you want to give her a gift that will be a constant reminder of just how much she means to you.

And nothing says permanent better than a diamond ring.

Diamond Rings Fit Any Occasion

While diamond rings are historically associated with engagements, weddings and anniversaries, they also make a great gift for other occasions. Whether it’s for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or you simply want to buy her an “I Love You” gift to show how much you care, a diamond will always make a great and lasting impact.

Giving a diamond ring is appropriate whenever you feel you want to tangibly convey and commemorate your deep love for that special someone.

Receiving a diamond in these situations is often met with even more excitement or surprise because it’s unexpected. Proposing with a diamond ring is tradition; slipping one on her hand just because is a spontaneous demonstration of your commitment and love.

Diamond Fashion Ring Styles


Know Your Band Options

With stacking rings is in style, rings with thicker bands that cover more of the finger have become an increasingly fashionable option. The popularity of diamond fashion rings with intertwining bands is an example of this trend. And while they’re “in,” there’s enough style variation for you to find a ring that is as unique as she is. Multi-banded diamond rings offer a bold, textured and distinctive look perfect for the fashion forward lady in your life. Best of all, they’re a versatile ring she can wear with almost anything.

For that special someone with a bit more modest fashion sense, a ring with a thinner band and a timeless frontal design may be more appropriate. Still, a more understated design doesn’t have to be bland.

With online jewelers expanding their inventory and offerings to include a diverse array of ring styles, it’s fairly easy to find an elegant and enduring diamond ring that is exceptional in its own right.

Consider Distinctive Settings

Buying a diamond fashion ring as a gift allows you to explore other setting s outside of the traditional engagement ring archetypes like solitaire and three-stone rings.  Fashion rings come in an extensive variety of settings that perfectly complement the stones they include and can be selected for their distinctive flare and beauty.

The pave´ setting  is one remarkably striking example worth considering. The pave technique involves setting many small diamonds directly in the metal of the band. The stones are placed as closely together as they can be without touching, creating a dazzling ring made up of a shimmering and unbroken carpet of diamonds.

Classic settings can certainly work too; it all depends on the taste of the recipient. But now might be the ideal time to surprise your significant other with a setting that is truly matchless.

Colored Diamonds Are A Unique Option

A colored diamond adds vibrancy and a touch of personal flare to any ring. Diamonds are now available in a wide variety of colors-from pink and yellow to blue, even black.

If you want the ring to conjure up the occasion on which it was given, a colored diamond can certainly help you achieve that. Give her a ring set with diamonds of her favorite color. Or, surprise her with a ring featuring a dazzling champagne brown diamond on New Year’s Eve to symbolize your anticipation for another year of love and laughter together.  The options are as limitless as your imagination.

Buying The Perfect Diamond Ring


Her Unique Style Means Everything

First and foremost, you have to consider you lucky recipient’s unique style and personal tastes. What might be a stunningly gorgeous and perfect ring to one woman may be a beautiful but nonetheless unfulfilling ring to another. The first thing your girlfriend or wife is going to react to won’t be measurable attributes like carat weight or clarity grade but the indescribable emotional response the ring in its entirety illicits.

Do your research. Cleverly carry out a subtle interview for hints or search her jewelry box for clues. Find a ring that matches the unique personality traits and values you treasure in her. But also make the gift your own by adding a touch of your individuality to the search. She love a magnificent ring but she’ll love and cherish one that comes from the heart.

Complete Your Research

While knowing her jewelry preferences is step one, the physical characteristics of the stone and band obviously still matter. Whether buying a diamond engagement ring or a fashion ring, the 4 Cs -clarity, cut, color and carat weight-still apply. They’re the material mechanism behind your sentiment and together they add up to create the complete and stunning ring she desires (not to mention the reaction from her you want). Familiarize yourself with each component as needed and know what to look for when examining these features on a ring.

In the end, getting the whole thing right will make your gift that much more memorable. It’s worth repeating that she’ll most likely love anything you give her; who doesn’t love gifts? But she’ll love and cherish the gift even more if the giver put thought, time, and their heart into the purchase.

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