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We always hear about mom bloggers, but what about all those multitasking Dads out there? Father, blogger and all-around techie, Adam Cohen manages to make working a full-time job and running his blog, Dadarocks, look easy.

We all know the schedule of a new parent can be tough, but he makes it work, raising a toddler and blogging in the wee hours. Lucky for us, we were able to tap Adam as a Guest Guru so he could share his essentials picks for all the new Dads out there just in time for Father’s Day.

You can also find Adam’s writing over at Dad Revolution, and Late Night Parents.


Daddy’s Push Gift  – What to get for that New Dad

We always hear about mommy’s push gift, some diamonds or another amazing gift she’ll have forever… but we don’t hear about the gifts for dad. Why is that? Okay, let’s get over the name push gift, cause then clearly Dads shouldn’t get one. But what about a new dad gift?

I know I lost just as much sleep when the baby was born as my wife. I know I changed as many diapers (maybe more then my wife), I cleaned bottles, and I did all that I had to do. I received no reward… no gift at all – other then some baby spit up on the shoulders.

I want to change that…

Dads should get a congrats you just had a baby gift… maybe it’s not from their partners and wives but from someone else. The gift of sleep is amazing but the problem with that is – you cant bottle sleep and give it to someone.

Another gift that would have worked great for a new dad – is having four arms . Well that’s not really easily done either. But here is a gift that will make it FEEL like you have four arms – the Britax Baby Carrier.

Just place the baby in the carrier and bingo, no more attempting to screw the top of the bottle on with one hand (while the other is holding baby). This will also come in handy when it comes time to use the computer too, you’ll actually be able to type and move the mouse at the same time.

Another idea involves the type of clothing Dad will need to be wearing . When you’re getting up every 3 hours and have you jump into baby mode I recommend something comfy. Even though these were designed for the Hospital visit, “I’m The Daddy” Hospital Scrubs” are a great set of PJ’s that they won’t mind getting baby spit up on.

Because at some point it’ll be easier to stay awake from 3-5 a.m then going back to sleep , so to keep dad sharp, try a puzzle. I really like the “Special Day” NY Times Jigsaw Puzzles because not only does it keep your brain awake but it’ll celebrate the day his bundle of joy came into the picture.

I speak from experience – if you weren’t a camera person before the baby, you will be afterwards. From the smart phones to the digital SLRs, you’ll always be snapping pictures of your new bouncing baby, so a great idea might a Kodak Pulse LED Wifi Digital Frame. The best part is that you can email pictures to the frame, so there’s no need for extra wires or cards. You can update the frame remotely while at the park (as long as your smart phone can send the image) and your frame connected via wifi will display it.

We’re giving away 2 of the Britax Baby Carriers, as seen above. Enter for your chance to win!

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