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Angela is the Community Manager of When she’s not busy blogging, you will find her hand in hand with her husband teaching kids in the slums of Nairobi or building homes in the hills of Mexico.

Angela and her husband are expecting their first baby girl this fall! It will be their greatest and most rewarding adventure of all. SwankyMoms is her labor of love! She promises to bring you the latest tips and trends, deals and dish. So we thought she’d be the perfect candidate for our Guest Guru series.

Top 10 “Off the Registry” Baby Shower Gifts

We all know the routine of going to the big box store to register for baby gifts. However, sometimes the coolest gizmos and gadgets are going to be found “Off the Registry”.  For the SwankyMom who loves to keep up on the latest trends, or wants to have something new to talk about at the next Mommy meet up, here are our top 10 gifts not found on your registry!

1. ‘Finally get some sleep’ Coaching packages for parents by Rebecca Michi

A gift certificate for 1 on 1 coaching from an infant sleep specialist that can help get you and your baby a better nights sleep. There is nothing better than great night sleep for a new mom!

2. Yummy Mummy Bags by Pink Lining

Straight from the couture streets of London this is not your ordinary diaper bag. The style and functionality of this bag is superb! Previously only sold by boutique stores in the UK, Yummy Mummy Bags are now available to us Yankees!

3. Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads

This baby book is a must read for any new dad. Parenting is hard enough without reading stacks of dry information filled parenting books. Be Prepared offers a fresh look on raising kids with clever writing and sharp illustrations. It’s sure to help any new dad feel apart of the action.

4. Organic Crib Mattress by Naturalmat

Naturalmat is revolutionizing the crib mattress industry with their hand-made 100% natural organic crib mattress collection. Protect your baby from harsh, toxic chemicals with organic coir and organic lambs wool, blended with extracts of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus, it’s sure to send any baby off to the land of nod!

5. The Good Nite Lite

Traditional nightlights stay on all night, which can send a mixed message. Not the case with this fun little light! It’s designed so YOU can set the friendly, glowing moon/sun face to the times you want them to come on. If Mr. Sun hasn’t come up yet, they have to stay in bed – which just might mean those 5am wake up times may be over!

6. Baby’s First Journal by Glow Baby

Baby’s First Journal is a well planned, bound notebook that helps parents keep track of the essentials in caring for baby (feeding, diapering and sleeping schedules) as well as vitamins, bath and milestones/special moments – all in one place.

7. Organic Hand-knit Toys by Zubels

From pirates and puppets to bugs and bears it seems there is no end to the selection of non-toxic, 100% cotton, eco-friendly “friends” and teething toys. Bonus, Zubels actually makes owning hand-knit, high quality toys affordable. Perfect for any “green” Mom.

8. Baby Bedding by Oilo

See you later Winnie the Pooh and hello, modern baby! These sophisticated designs are a breath of fresh air to any nursery. Oilo designs help you create a space you and your child want to be in, not to mention grow with them. The mother and daughter design team is particular when it comes to details and all products are made in the USA.

9. Date Night Nursing Bra’s by Bravado Designs

Feeling sexy is often a luxury when it comes to nursing. Not any more! Bravado has created a luxurious line of date night nursing bras sure to please you and your significant other. They are functional and fabulous! They even have an underwire line for the extra lift we could all use about now.

10. Stacrobats – Magnetic Stacking Acrobats by Kushies

Kushies Zolo toy collection includes the adorable magnetic Stacrobats toy, which allows you to create your own circus! Stacrobats builds baby’s imagination, balance, and dexterity while they play! The magnetic figures, balls, and base are easy to attach. Connect in zillions of ways!

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