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Debba Haupert is founder of, the online community for women based on female friendship. And, although she is a little ‘addicted’ to social media, she loves her friends way more than the world wide web!

That’s why we asked her to share her favorite gifts to give your gal pals this holiday season, and be an honorary “Guru”.

Giving girlfriend gifts is such a fun opportunity to show our friends how special their friendship is to us. Personally I love giving girlfriend gifts because I get to look for something unique to give my friend that maybe even her husband or mother didn’t know she would love!

Often the gift revolves around something they love – like knitting or running, chocolate or cheesecake. Finding a gift that involves their favorite hobby or interest just gives them more excuses to do the things they love.

My friend Terri is a gourmet girlfriend. She always prepares the best meals with the perfect wine and makes just dinner together a celebration. I love the following gift for her because of the wine images and I love the flexibility of having three or more letters.

So, it could read ‘Friends,’ or ‘Vino,’ ‘Welcome or her last name. The classic black and white wine images are timeless and beautifully classy – like my friend!


I love giving girlfriend gifts of things that made me think of a specific friend immediately.

This one made me think of my girlfriend Julie who is about to make a big move in her life.

Julie has sweet chirping birds in her home that I know bring her joy and I’d like to give her this necklace to remind her that no matter how far she moves, she’ll always have that joy in her and friends that love her.



My BFF Cathy is a self-proclaimed girlie-girl! She loves soaps and lotions, bubbles and scrubs, mani’s and pedi’s. Watching her go through a spa gift basket like this would be like watching a kid with a stocking full of treats – each item would bring a smile and aaah!

And, I know that whenever she used any of the girlie products that she’d think of her girlfriend who loves to see her smile.

Being a blogger and social media ‘maven,’ I have lots of geeky girlfriends. (We even have a group called the ‘Bad Girls of Social Media!’)


My ‘Bad Girls’ Julie, Anne and Michelle would love these techie treats for the upcoming cold weather.

We’re on our phones A LOT so these cool gloves would keep us warm while texting and tweeting.

But I have to say, the best girlfriend gifts are those we can experience together.

So don’t forget to spend time with your friends during the holidays and throughout the year.


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