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We’ve had a number of Guest Bloggers give us the lowdown on their favorite gear and personal wishlists, but what about the guys?

So to gain some insight into what are the cool men’s gifts this year, we asked one of our favorite bloggers, John Taylor of (The Daddy Yo Dude) to share his what he’s hoping to see under the tree this year. 

In addition to being the proud father of two little ones and the “humbled husband to a wife who has been gracious to put up with him for 5 years and counting”,  the Dude is a SAHD (Stay at home Dad) on the weekdays, blogger and social media addict. Find his takes on fatherhood, marriage, life, and more on his blog, The DaddyYo Dude, and Twitter and Facebook as well.

I love Christmas time. Always have. Now that I am a parent, it has taken on a new magical quality. What a delight and joy it is to watch my kids tear into the wrapping paper in hopes that all of their Christmas wishing has come true. Indeed, Christmas is a magical time to be a dad.

During this time I will be sneaking a copy of my own Christmas wish list to anywhere I think my wife might see it. Purse, wallet, car, even hanging one from the stairwell so that it’s right in front of her about 7 steps up the flight. I know it sounds like a lot of trouble to go through, but hey, a dad can have Christmas wishes too, right?

What kinds of thing does this dad desire on said holiday wish list? Well, how about a Samsung Galaxy tablet? As somewhat of a geek, and much more of a parent, the versatility of a well designed, well powered tablet is a great thing.

Allowing the ease of access to everything I do online while also being able to double as an entertainment and education tool for my kids. I consider this epic winning.

Getting out and about with two toddlers can sometimes be a heavy chore. Coming in next on my list, a Ducti canvas messenger bag.

Yes, I have even picked on my boss man about his “man purse”, but really think about it. A small bag, with just enough room and the right amount of pockets to hold and organize the carry on items of a trip out with the kids.

Speaking of traveling, do you know how hard it can be to keep a 4 year-old and 2 year-old happy, entertained, and not grouchy on a long car ride? If you do then you will understand my next wish on the list. A Power Acoustik ceiling mount LCD monitor and DVD player. I have many kids DVD’s that keep our two youngins completely entertained and in an almost trance like state. Oh how grand the trip to my parents’ house would be without sibling World War 3!

And of course, there is that little something extra. That one thing that has nothing to do with the kids, but has everything to do with daddy just wanting to be comfortable and stylish during the winter. From Pendleton, The Dude Shawl Cardigan, styled after The Dude from “The Big Lebowski” hits my list as the guilty pleasure, selfish request on my list.

As a fan of the movie (and being known to my readers as “The Dude”) what could be better then heading out in style and warm with this awesome winter accessory?

I don’t know that my wife will go for all (or any) of these requests I have worked hard on planting around. I can always hope right?


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