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Kate Brown is an International Sports Science Association Certified Fitness Trainer at

She specializes in creating fitness programs that generate results and wellness lifestyle design that transforms people’s lives.

Her fitness and nutrition tips are perfect for folks on-the-go, and have been published in Natural Health Magazine and various other publications.

Secrets to Staying Slim & Stress-Free – Holiday Edition

Tis the season to overindulge! If your social calendar leaves you double booked and frazzled, you are not alone.  Although the average American gains only 1 – 2 lbs from November to January, interruption of a regular diet and exercise routine can leave you exhausted, bloated and cranky.Here are some of my secrets to staying slim and stress-free this holiday season.

1) Maximize your workout – focus on fast, 30-minute high intensity workouts 5 five days a week. Focus on Body weight squats, lunges, 30 second plank hold, dips, hip lifts, cross body chops, and push-ups. Do 3 sets with a 30 second rest between exercises.

2) Multi-task – DailyBurn app for iPhone lets you easily check in to see how many calories you have left before you hunker down next to the party buffet.

3) Practice mindful eating – Fill up on vegetables, water, and lean protein during a holiday meal, and treat yourself at the end. You don’t have to deprive yourself.

4) Choose your drinks wisely – Skip the cream-based and sugary holiday drinks. Opt for low calorie, low sugar drinks like wine, light beer, gimlets, flavored vodka or gin with soda water, or just liquor straight-up. Also, alternate glasses of water between drinks to stay hydrated.

5) Start your resolution early – A January 1 start date causes people to fall off the fitness wagon during the holidays because they think they will “work it off” after the New Year. Sign up for a spring 5k race now,  so that you have a goal to work on through the holiday season.

Cutting down on sugar, being reasonable about alcohol, and keeping your body moving during the holidays are all easy ways to blow off steam and feel your best during the season of celebration.

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