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Aside from the lucky few who scored tickets to the big game in New Orleans, most will be enjoying this year’s Super Bowl with friends in front of the TV. So how do we make the most of game day at home?

For some help, we’ve enlisted the talents of Holly Robinson Peete. You may know Holly as an actress, author, TV personality and wife of former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete.  However, recently she has taken on the role of official spokesperson for the NFL Homegating platform. Holly serves as a great resource to let fans know how they can bring the essence of the parking lot party to life into the comfort of their home with great team-branded products.

Her award-winning book Get Your Own Damn Beer, I’m Watching the Game: A Women’s Guide to Loving Pro Football, is a testament to her NFL fanaticism.  So, when you combine a true NFL fan with the passion to doing game day right, you get the leading voice on “Homegating”.

We did a little Q&A with Holly to give us the scoop on everything “Homegating” and here’s what she had to say:

Q: What does “Homegating” mean to you?

A: Homegating means I get to spend time with my family and friends, eat food, watch football and have fun like crazy fans! Homegating is bringing the awesome stadium excitement into your living room- without the long bathroom lines! I not only Homegate with my family, but I do it virtually also via twitter. #Crazyfootballmomma is watching with everyone. I love that! We share recipes and cheer and jeer. Social media makes my Sundays even more fulfilling…

Q: What are a few key components to a successful Homegating party?

A: Fun people make the best Homgating party! Our party starts with good football and food of course, but it’s all about presentation. Snacks are key! We are an Eagles family so the first thing I set out is my Wincraft Eagles Helmet chip and dip server. We decorate the room with our Eagles gear including lamps, platters by Memory Company and of course Rodney Peete #9 jerseys! I also print out quick gossip on each team including different game story lines from around the league, fun bulletin board material during the week of a big game, etc. I include that on a Holly’s Homegating Menu; it’s easy and makes the game more exciting! One time my son made a team-related word search. So cute! A scavenger hunt is a fun idea as well-during halftime.

Oh, and everyone gets a yellow and red flag to throw. Very therapeutic!

Q: Do you have any tips or recommendations for must-have, “go-to” Homegating gear?

A: I have to say the NFL Homegating toaster by Pangea that toasts the logos onto the bread is always a crowd pleaser! I gave the toasters out at Christmas and they got rave reviews, especially from my Houston Texans fan girlfriend! REAL life Texans Toast!

I love my wine & cheese so to serve that in Eagles wine glasses by Boelter and cheese boards by Picnic Time is a must. Don’t forget the coasters; hubby loves the beer koozies!

Q: Are there any common Homegating nightmares you can easily avoid?

A: Well, I’m not big on potluck because I have kids with food allergies, so I always tell folks if they really want to bring a dish, to write out the ingredients first. An allergic reaction could definitely bring down your party. Oh, and come correct with a cute platter (preferably with my team on it :)). Remember, presentation is everything!!

Q: It sounds like you’re a Homegating pro, but do you think it’s better to host or attend a great Homegate?

A: I like to control, so I have to say host. Although, it is nice to not have to clean up (which I do anyway if I do an “away” Homegate!)

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