“Scary Mommy” Q&A With Jill Smokler

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“Confessions of a Scary Mommy” is a great new book from author, award-winning blogger and of course, mom, Jill Smokler.

Confessions is collection of essays, anecdotes from Jill, as well as, real life confessions from moms confronting the reality that motherhood is simultaneously an intensely difficult and an intensely rewarding labor of love.  If you’re looking for a sugar coated version of how pregnancy and early motherhood plays out, Confessions of a Scary Mommy won’t quite do it for you.

But if you looking for a very funny gift for Mother’s Day, especially for moms with babies and young kids, Scary Mommy will have you laughing big time.  Moms might be laughing because if they weren’t, they’d be crying, but be assured, Jill hysterically nails the universal realities of being a mom in a lightning quick 168 pages.

Jill was kind enough to chat with Gift Rap and give her insights about her book and about what Mother’s Day means to a “Scary Mommy”:

Scary Mommy focuses a lot on early-ish motherhood. As the kids grow older, can we look forward to “Revenge of Scary Mommy” or “Scary Mommy Part Deux” with insights and confessions of motherhood as it relates to (gasp) tweens and teens?

It’s true; my experience with kids is pretty limited at this point and I only expect it to get scarier! The older the kids get, though, the less I feel that the stories are mine to tell. We’ll just have to play it by ear and see what we’re all comfortable with. I certainly hope that I’ll still be able to write about them. Without that outlet, I can’t even imagine how scary I’d be.

Mother’s Day is May 13th. How does the perfect Mother’s Day play out for you?

The perfect Mother’s Day for me is much like every other Sunday — just spending time with my family, doing things we enjoy together. BUT, before you crown me Mother of the Year, I don’t want to lift a finger to clean, cook a thing or get anyone dressed, wiped or fed. So, really, not much like a regular Sunday at all. Oh, and sleeping in would be nice, but that’s physically impossible at this point.

Are there any Mother’s Day gifts you’ve received – either super or terrifying- that stick out in your mind?

My husband bought me a necklace one year with a little figure to represent each of our kids. The idea was spot on and couldn’t have been sweeter, but the necklace? Was just plain hideous. I am the rare wife who would much rather just pick out her own gift than risk being presented with something I don’t like. My favorite gifts are really the homemade cards from the kids. I always cringe when I am presented with a Hallmark envelope. Where’s the fun there?

For better or worse, sometimes dads are the Chairmen of the Mother’s Day Planning Committee for the family. What are some “DO NOTs” you could share with dads in terms of Mother’s Day planning?

Do not treat Mother’s Day as just another day. Motherhood is a thankless job, for the most part, and we get one day or recognition… Recognize us! You know your wife best; for me, jewelry wouldn’t be a wise bet, but if your wife has been lusting after a particular pair of earrings or could use a new charm for her bracelet, this is the perfect time. The gift need not be expensive — get the kids to paint a vase for her and pick some flowers, make breakfast in bed, take a family photo… It really is the thought and effort that counts most.

For many new moms, Mother’s Day 2012 will be their first. Any words of wisdom for moms in the First Mother’s Day Club?

Your first Mother’s Day is so special and sweet, just enjoy it. Let everyone spoil you and dote on you and do absolutely as little as possible. Come Monday, the party’s over!


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