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Writeforus_thumbWe know that our readers are not just consumers of our awesome posts, products and images. You are fabulous gift givers, etiquette experts and wish list makers too and, we want to share what you have to say with the world! If you have an idea of something that you’d like to write about for our audience, we want to hear about it. All ideas will be considered. If your idea is chosen, we’ll let you know if we need any tweaks or additional details and then we’ll schedule it for publication!

Gifts.com gets an average of 5 million visits per month and every blog post is featured on the Gifts.com home page for at least 24 hours. We also spread all blog posts to all of our social media networks to get extra buzz around them. We have over 100K Facebook fans, 6K Pinterest followers and 2.5K Twitter followers. We can’t wait to spread the word about you!

Here is what we need from you to get your post in the queue:

The Serious Stuff:

Must be about an occasion

Between 250 and 650 words (not including the headline)

Send submissions to press@gifts.com

Put in the subject of your email: Guest Post Submission

**Submissions must be received at least 1 week in advance of the holiday they relate to

Please Include:

Full name (first and last)

60 words about you (bio)

Link to where we should direct people from your bio (blog/facebook page/etc)

Links to your social network pages so that we can spread the news to you when the post goes live!

Attach to your email:

A digital picture of You (150KB minimum)

The Fun Stuff in your Post:

Make us laugh

We like useful information

We like to know why you decided to write the post

When writing, talk to the person buying the gift or celebrating the occasion

When describing a gift idea be sure to refer to the receiver and not “you”

Please link to your favorite Gifts.com products and content in your story

The Rules:

No —dashes in your post unless hyphenating a word

No Ellipses … unless absolutely necessary. You can usually find a word to take its place


No super long sentences or paragraphs please

No shameless promotion of a product or brand that you represent, we know when this happens and those posts don’t go up

Hopefully, we’ll be reviewing your post and sharing it with the world soon!


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Kathryn D.W.
Kathryn Drury Wagner is the senior manager of content at Gifts.com. She was formerly the executive editor at Honolulu Magazine, and is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Shopping on Oahu. Her career has included staff positions at Country Living Gardener and Power & Motoryacht. Her latest book is "Hawaii's Strangest, Ickiest, Wildest Book Ever!"

Gwen P.
Gwen is the Editorial Curator at Gifts.com. In addition to writing blogs, she creates gift guides, curates the site, and produces content for our social media channels. As a freelance writer, she created blogs on fashion, art, travel, health and lifestyle. A talented jewelry designer, she's also a yogi and a hospital volunteer with her therapy dog, Lilo, a Pomeranian.