Cranberry Cocktails for Thanksgiving

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Cranberries are an important part of the Thanksgiving meal. These tiny, sweet and tangy fruits are usually enjoyed in sauce form, complementing the star of the show: the turkey. But, I am here to tell you that cranberries can have another place on the dinner table, too, and that would be in your cocktail glasses. In fact, they might even compete for stardom! Because these seasonal tart berries are in abundance this time of year, you can create some delicious and festive concoctions your holiday guests can enjoy and will pair well with the Thanksgiving meal. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite cranberry cocktail recipes from around the web for your enjoyment. So, on that note, let us raise our glasses high, give thanks and be merry — the holidays are here!

If you’re planning on hosting Thanksgiving this year be sure to skim through our festive Thanksgiving ideas that will complement the meal, decor, and have your guests in high spirits. If you are partaking as a guest this year, be sure to see all of our favorite host and hostess gift ideas.

Sparkling Cranberry Cocktail

This Sparkling Pear Cranberry Cocktail from is a light and refreshing drink your Thanksgiving guests will love! For the full method visit Whipped.


1 3/4 cup pear juice (nectar), chilled

1/2 cup cranberry juice, chilled

1 (750 ml) bottle of champagne, chilled

fresh cranberries for garnish

Cranberry Rosemary Sangria

This Cranberry Rosemary Sangria cocktail from Cooking Stoned is almost too beautiful to drink … almost. We’re betting it tastes just as amazing as it looks! For the full recipe and method visit


The Yazitini cocktail from combines sweet and tangy fruit combinations to really amplify the cranberry feel and taste. A great holiday drink!


1.5 oz. Yazi Ginger Vodka

1 oz. Triple Sec

.5 oz. lime juice (shaken)

Cranberry splash, orange zest

2 oz. club soda

Roman Cosmo Martini

The Grey Goose Roman Cosmo Martini cocktail from Grey Goose has holiday written all over it! Think how fitting it is for your Thanksgiving guests to sip on one of these before sitting down to dinner? Visit Grey Goose for the full method.


1 1/2 parts Grey Goose Original

1 part white cranberry juice

3/4 part Martini Rosso Vermouth

1/2 part lime juice

Cranberry Sage Shrub

Jerry Stone from Cooking Stoned is a genius behind the camera and behind the whisk, as apparent in his beautifully captured photos. This one is his latest, the Cranberry and Sage Shrub. It is non-alcoholic, so this drink could be a good option for the designated drivers, underage Thanksgiving guests or anyone else avoiding alcohol. For the full recipe and method visit

Grey Goose Alpine Berry

Grey Goose does it again with their festive Alpine Berry cranberry cocktail. A great and refreshing choice to wash down the huge Thanksgiving feast! For the full method, visit Grey Goose.


2 Parts Grey Goose L’Orange

6-10 pieces fresh cranberries

2 slices ginger

1/2 lemon wedges

1 Tsp. sugar

1 splash soda water

Tuscan Holiday Cosmo

The Tuscan Holiday Cosmo cocktail by Ruffino turns an everyday cosmo into a holiday celebration.


16 oz. chilled Ruffino Prosecco

12 oz. chilled cranberry juice

2 oz. triple sec

4 rosemary sprigs

8 whole cranberries


Combine cranberry juice and triple sec. Pour mixture into chilled glasses, filling 3/4 full. Top off with Ruffino Prosecco. Garnish with rosemary sprig and two whole cranberries.

Wishing you all a very happy and meaningful Thanksgiving from the entire team!


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