Crazy Reasons to Celebrate in February

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There is more to February than celebrating Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. Not that either of those aren’t awesome on their own. But, there are a whole host of obscure reasons to celebrate this month that I don’t want you to miss out on. So, here is a list of the most ridiculous holidays that we all should be celebrating this February.

Spunky Old Broads Month: Are you over the age of 50? Well it’s time to get wild. February is dedicated for women over the age of 50 to let their gray or colored hair down and live a regret free life. So get the tattoo you been dreaming of, date a man who looks like he could be your son and do something you have always wanted to do.

Pull Your Sofa off the Wall Month: I had no clue how one would celebrate this holiday when I first heard of it. But apparently to celebrate all you need to do is clean and get organized. Sounds Fun….Not! But I do like the whole idea of redecorating your home, which is one of my favorite things to do and a great way to drive my boyfriend insane.

Mend a Broken Heart Month: Oh Joy, a full month for a whiny friend to drive you nuts about relationship issues. If you are the one with a broken heart celebrate by taking a shower, put on some lipstick and stop making yourself feel bad, you are single so have some fun! (Advice from my Mom every time one of my relationships ended). If your eyes are puffy from crying & you’re ready to take those heinous sweats off, I suggest treating yourself to a day at the spa or beautify yourself with Sephora’s ultimate COLLECTION Smoky Studio 2 pallet.

Bird Feeding Month: Great excuse to be a crazy bird lady or man for a month. Celebrate by driving the people at the park nuts and feed the birds! Or get one of these handmade bird calls and practice your chirp.

Working Naked Day (February 1st): Probably not a great idea to celebrate this day in the office due to HR issues. But work from home if you can…supposed to be a very liberating day.
Dump Your “Significant Jerk” Week (Feb 5- 11): Are you dating a jerk? Well thank goodness for this week because now you have an excuse to dump the jerk. And, as always, your relationship could be worse. I recommended reading 50 Boyfriends Worse than Yours to make yourself feel better about your terrible relationship.

National Chili Day (Feb 21, usually celebrated the last Thursday of the month): Celebrate this wonderful day with a bowl full of Chili. Check out some awesome Chili recipes on the Food Network!

Open that Bottle Night (February 23, last Saturday of the month): This should be a weekly holiday, celebrate by opening a bottle of wine you have been saving. Or in my case open whatever I have left in my wine fridge.

For Pete Sake Day (Feb 26): I despise this saying and who is Pete? After some research I still have no idea how one celebrates this holiday and no one knows who Pete is.

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