Crazy Reasons to Celebrate June

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June doesn’t have a ton of reasons to celebrate beyond Father’s Day, Flag Day and the First Day of Summer (yes!!). But, did you know there are a bunch of fun and wacky holidays that fly under the radar, yet are more than worthy of celebrating? I’m going to tell you all about all of the crazy reasons to celebrate June and by the end of this post you’re going to want to celebrate them with me!

Which ones are you going to add to your calendar?

June 04th Hug Your Cat Day: If you have a cat…make sure you give them a big hug on June 4th because it’s the official day to appreciate our feline friends. But don’t worry, if you don’t have a cat it is also “Hug someone else’s cat day”!

June 06th Yo-Yo Day: Remember playing with the yo-yo when you were in school? Although I was never able to master the cool tricks I always admired those who did! What was your favorite trick with the yo-yo? June 6th is your day to show off the tricks that you remember, or to learn some new ones!

June 07th National Chocolate Ice Cream Day: Weather is getting hotter and the only reasonable way to cool off is with ice cream, of course! Today is the day that the chocolate vs vanilla battle is set aside and everyone’s favorite is chocolate! What’s your favorite flavor on any other day of the year?

June 07th National Doughnut Day: Doughnuts are not just for eating, they’re for celebrating! These fluffy fried balls of dough can be filled or glazed any way imaginable. A big trend here in New York right now is the maple-bacon doughnut. YUM! But, my ultimate favorite doughnut is a Boston Cream! What is yours?

June 15th World Juggling Day: According to my research World Juggling Day is the Saturday closest to June 17th. I only know a handful of people who can actually juggle. But I do remember once when I was on vacation and the entertainment was a World Class Juggler who juggled everything from bowling pins to machete knives! It was incredible. What is the craziest thing you’ve seen juggled?

June 21st Take Your Dog to Work Day: I know a lot of people like myself who always wish they could bring their dog to work to make their day less stressful. Well, June 21st is the day. Make sure you take this opportunity to take advantage! Check with your company policy before getting too excited. Some offices don’t celebrate (and we don’t like them).

June 24th Swim A Lap Day: Celebrate summer with a nice swim. I can’t say I know how to swim like Michael Phelps but I still love doing a few laps every now and again. Swimming is supposed to be one of the best exercises for the human body thanks to its low impact and the numerous muscles that it works out. Enjoy!

June 29th Hug Day: There can never be too many, or enough, hugs in the world and the 29th of June was created to put that to the test! Whether it be a family member or a person you see who needs it, spread the love with hugs on this day and watch yourself and the people around feel better instantly. Just ask first if you want to hug a stranger!

So there are the 8 reasons to celebrate in June that you probably didn’t know about. And remember, one of June’s most important holidays, Father’s Day, is on June 16th, make sure you celebrate your Big Guy with a great Father’s Day Gift.  Now go start planning your parties!

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