Daylight Saving Time: Spring Forward!

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Though most of us attribute Daylight Saving Time to Benjamin Franklin, it was actually entomologist and astronomer George Vernon Hudson who put the concept on the map more than a century after Franklin birthed the idea. And he did so in order to collect bugs! Hudson was a postal worker by day and an insect gatherer by night. But he found that his work schedule was getting in the way of the daylight needed for his beloved hobby. So, after first proposing the idea of DST in 1895, it took thirty-two years to become common practice.

This Sunday, as you “spring ahead” one hour, think of all the ways you can spend the extra sixty minutes you’ll be gaining of daylight–whether it be bug collecting or any other number of noble pursuits. In honor of Daylight Saving Time, I put together a list of some of my favorite sleek yet wacky clocks so you can be sure to tell time effectively and in style without skipping a beat…or a minute.


Wall Clocks

With the What on Earth Math Clock, it’s always time for a pop quiz…unless you’re lucky enough to get saved by the bell! Brush up on your simple division, fractions, and subtraction whenever you glance at the clock to check the time. Each equation’s solution is the hour that it represents. It’s the perfect accomplice for math teachers, number nerds, and geeks.

This Recycled Pendulum Wall Clock is kind of like one big cog from Cogswell’s Cosmic Cogs. Even if you weren’t a Jetsons fan, you will surely be a fan of this clock. The gears and cogs used to make it are taken from actual used bike parts, so it’s not only good for telling time, but good for the environment, as well. With this clock, you get to kill two birds with one recycled cog.

I’ve seen some pretty clever multi-purposing (like the Recycled Pendulum Wall Clock just above), but the Skateboard Astro Clock made out of skateboard wheels might take the cake. Whether you’re a skateboard enthusiast, or simply an admirer of eye-catching design, this clock will make telling the time almost as satisfying as landing a kick-flip.

The Sunday Times crossword puzzle can be a fun challenge, but how about doing a crossword puzzle and telling time at once? It can now be done with the Crossword Wall Clock. This clock is not just for show; you can actually solve the crossword puzzle! Use the clues on the back of the box, and fill in your answers on the clock itself (or on the box). It’s just a matter of time before you uncover all the clues.

Bold, geometric shapes are a surefire way to brighten up your home. When fire engine red rectangles also tell the time, even better. If you’re going for something eclectic but also modern and sleek, you have arrived with the Helix Wall Clock.


Alarm Clocks

If you’re a fan of Star Wars and you cherish your memories of playing LEGOS as a kid, you pretty much need the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Mini Figure Alarm Clock . Not only can it be posed to sit, stand, or run, but it has movable arms just like real LEGOS, and it features a back-lit red LCD display and snooze function. And in case you were wondering, yes, there is an alarm clock too!

The Tocky Rolling Alarm Clock is simultaneously the most annoying and most effective alarm clock out there! The Tocky physically jumps off of your nightstand and rolls around your bedroom until you are forced to get out of bed to turn it off. I used to place my alarm clock across the room to ensure I got out of bed on time, but this proves to be even more successful. There’s about a zero percent chance of you sleeping in with this on your bedside table.

I am a huge fan of this Three Color Hourglass Alarm Clock  because it combines the old with the new: three old-fashioned sand glasses with a modern alarm clock. The three hourglasses are set to last for one, three, and five minutes, so you can keep track of the coffee steeping in your French press, or the amount of time you spend on Pinterest.

How would you like your time this morning? Horizontally, vertically, or perhaps hanging on the wall? Each of these of four individual cubes in the Areaware Numbers LED Alarm Clock display one glowing LED digit. Rearrange them as many times and ways as you’d like, and view the correct time on your own terms. This is a fun way to confuse your guests too!

Second only to actually playing the Rubik’s Cube on a daily basis is getting to wake up every morning to your very own Digital Rubik’s Cube Alarm Clock.  This clock is just like the original mega-popular 1980s puzzle in that you twist the top row of cubes to switch between the different features: date, time, alarm and temperature just like you would to try and solve it. It’s literally a retro twist!

And, for the record, I would like to clarify that the act of turning the clocks is called Daylight Saving Time without an “s”. Daylight Savings Time is a common misuse in the United States, Australia, and Canada. So, there you have it.

So, this weekend, as you’re preparing to set the clocks back an hour, rest assured knowing that you will not be doing it alone, but with the help of Darth Vader, recycled bike parts, crossword puzzles, and skateboard wheels. Now, what’s going to top that? To read more about the origins of Daylight Saving Time, check out this Huffington Post article.


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