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At pivotal moments in my life, there has been food. At Christmas I smell homemade bread baking in my grandma’s kitchen, and how I loved the instantly melting butter on that first warm slice. Microwave popcorn will always translate into all-night study sessions with college friends, sushi is my first summer in Los Angeles, and rice and beans takes me to my honeymoon in the rainforest in Brazil. Food can take you back to a time and place of pure joy, or create a new sensory memory that will last a lifetime. So why not surprise your Valentine with something tasty this year? Whether you paving a pathway to the past or charting a road to the future, love via taste buds is a great way to love. Here are a few mouthwatering ideas:

The Main Course

There is no downside to juicy, tender beef filets wrapped in BACON. Show your love with six, restaurant-quality bacon-wrapped filets from Omaha Steaks ($44.99). Have I mentioned that everything’s better with bacon?





Or maybe you have fond memories along the eastern seaboard and fresh-off-the-boat LOB-stah. Bring home a bit of the Cape with ocean-fresh lobster tails from the Lobster of the Month club ($284.85). Promise to cook, and you are guaranteed date night every month.

Something Sweet

Many a romantic night has begun—or ended—with a little something sweet. Add a flight of Godiva gourmet chocolates ($16) to the evening’s festivities, or decadent chocolate-drenched stemmed strawberries ($34.98). Or (let’s just admit right now that ramen noodles are a universal guilty pleasure) go for the Ramen Noodle Dark Chocolate Bars ($36.88) for the ultimate sweet-salty indulgence.




Just for Fun

For something sweet that’s a little more lighthearted, give a taste of the ‘80s—as in Nerds, candy cigarettes and Mike & Ikes—with the with this Retro Candy Assortment ($32.95). The fun doesn’t begin or end with the ‘80s either: candy gifts from the ‘50s, ‘60s and 70s are available too.




This Valentine’s Day, create—or relive—food memories that help love last a lifetime. Visit Gifts.com for more edible gift ideas.

Jennifer Benson is a freelance writer based in San Diego, where she lives with her very tall Valentine of nearly 15 years and her three slightly shorter Valentines who will soon also be taller than her. Her favorite Valentine’s Day cards are cut out of red, white and pink construction paper, and she jumps at the chance to give or receive a heartfelt gift over chocolate every time.



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