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After the big Thanksgiving meal, what does your family like to do? Some people watch football games. Others head to a movie theater to catch a new blockbuster, while some go for a nice long walk, crunching through the autumn leaves. I know a lot of families play board games, and my favorite is Trivial Pursuit. I love all sorts of factoids and fun tidbits of utterly useless information, but is it just me or has that game gotten harder?! I feel like I used to be better at it. In honor of Thanksgiving, I’ve pulled out a few fun facts, and I hope you enjoy the holiday, your loved ones and a nice, long nap.

43 Million

That’s how many Americans will be traveling for the holiday, according to AAA, which counts “traveling” as heading 50 miles or more away from home.


The year pumpkin pie recipes started appearing, which means pumpkin pie was not on actually on the menu that very first Thanksgiving, held in October of 1621.

 20 Percent

According to Food Beast, apple, not pumpkin, is the most commonly consumed type of pie at Thanksgiving, with 20 percent of the pie market. Apple is followed by strawberry. Woah. A dark horse, I would think, at this time of year, strawberry pies make up 19 percent of pies eaten. Pumpkin comes in at 16 percent of the pies enjoyed. If you have dueling pie interests in your household, perhaps the Split Decision pie pan ($11.99) will come in handy.


15 Pounds

The average weight of a turkey purchased at Thankgiving, according to the University of Illinois Extension, which knows its livestock. They also report that Americans will eat 46 million turkeys this year at Thanksgiving.


The secret ingredient in mashed potatoes. I’m just saying.

From all of us at, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you haven’t already tried one of our delicious cranberry cocktails, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to whip up a batch of something delicious. Once you’ve digested, come and explore our holiday gift ideas, and stay tuned for all our Cyber Monday specials, too!


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