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2013 is my year of the slow cooker! I used to be the last person on earth who you would expect to dip a toe in the slow cooker pool, but here I go. It might seem a little odd to base a New Year’s resolution on a kitchen appliance, but I think getting into slow cooking will smooth out a few other lifestyle speed bumps that I’m facing. There’s nothing like killing a few birds with one stone and in 2013, my stone is the slow cooker.

Family time.  The idea that a slow cooker can help have a really good meal prepared when we walk in the door at night is so appealing. Unfortunately, a relaxed, sit down dinner is more the exception than the rule. With meal prep and planning taken out of the P.M. routine, our family will have a much easier time re-connecting over a meal.

Health.  The way I see it, slow cooked meals will generally be a healthier option than a lot of the processed junk that too often finds its way to our table.  A lot of my favorite slow cooked recipes have well balanced, whole food ingredients that you just can’t get out of a box.

Piece of Mind.  Kids lose their minds waiting for dinner but that pales in comparison to the mind blowing frustration that my wife and I feel when trying to come up with a nutritionally relevant meal from scratch after a long day at work.  A slow cooker will allow for a quick turnaround time between walking in the door and sitting down for dinner. The whole family wins.

I’ve done some research and I’m on the doorstep of a slow cooker purchase.  It looks like the “Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker” by Hamilton Beach  is where I’m going.  With a nice feature set including three cooking mode options, this slow cooker looks to be a great “Slow Cooking 101” model that will accommodate more advanced slow cooking as my techniques grow stronger.

Bottom Line: Slow is the way to go in 2013

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