Halloween Decoration Ideas: Go Upscale

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There’s a fine line between classy and cheesy when it comes to Halloween decorations. We’re all about getting into that spooky, funky spirit but we thought we’d give you a few ways to bring the fun up a few chic notches this year. Why use fake cobwebs, for example, when you could use ivy, spray-painted black? My advice, by the way, is to pick up cool decorations all year round, so that you have the best things to choose from in October. For example, if you come across a set of wonky-looking candlesticks at a garage sale, you can spray-paint them black and have a unique, creepy centerpiece that looks like it belongs in a haunted mansion.

Go Black and White

Truman Capote had it right: There’s nothing chicer than black and and white, period. Sticking with black and white Halloween decor is an easy to stay disciplined when you are shopping, and it’s so timeless and classic. Try using black and white striped tablecloths, big black candelabra and pumpkins spray-painted white.

Add String Lights to Your Mantel

Vintage inspired string lights and burlap are both on trend and classic. Add a Halloween sentiment to your mantel with these “Happy Halloween” string lights ($39.50) from Pottery Barn. They’re classy, fun and festive.


Go Glittery

Instead of carving all your pumpkins, add a little glitz and glam. Make glitter pumpkins, an easy (but we’ll admit, messy) DIY decor idea.  We love the look of all gold, or, try glitter polka dots, glitter stripes, or custom initials. Check out crafting guru, Martha Stewart’s tutorial on how to make glittered pumpkin table decorations.


Don’t Be a Bore with your Candy Display

Not that we think you really need to make all of the Halloween candy any more exciting than it already it is, but why not?  Go a little mad scientist with decorative candy containers ($19.61).


Host a Themed Halloween Soirée

Ramp up the Halloween theme a bit more with a masquerade party, or a “come as you aren’t party.” Great excuse to get a little crazy. Dress up the pad with feathers, boas and keep the ambience dark, sparkly and mysterious. Gift Guru bonus tip: If you’re invited to a party, don’t forget a cool host/hostess gift like this Day of the Dead corkscrew ($29.99), which would best be presented with a bottle of blood-red wine.


What’s your favorite ways to add chic touches to Halloween decor? Don’t forget to enter our Ultimate Halloween Party Pinterest Contest, and visit Gifts.com to shop for Halloween gift ideas.

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