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I have a skeleton in my closet, but today, I’m letting it out: Halloween is my favorite holiday. As an editor at Gifts.com, I feel a wee bit guilty admitting this, since Halloween is such a dark, jagged holiday, compared with twinkly Christmas, pastel-clad Easter and passionate Valentine’s Day. Still, I love the sense of the macabre, the noble decay, that Halloween celebrates. So although it’s only September, I couldn’t resist pulling out a few of the fun Halloween products I’m seeing go by as we work on our seasonal picks. I hope you enjoy them, and that you savor the magic that is in the air during the time leading up to Halloween night.

I could go broke buying things from Pottery Barn, which has been coming on gangbusters this year with their Halloween offerings. I love their vintage-looking mercury glass pumpkin lights ($39.50), witches’ brew table runner ($69) and Crossbones Bar Towel ($15) set. They would all look great in a dining room with funeral-style draped mirrors and a stuffed raven, don’t you think?

mercury glass pumpkin lightswitches brew table runnercrossbones bar towel






In my living room, I’d love to serve a cocktail in the Ralph Lauren Skull and Crossbones Drinking Set ($295). I’ll have to find a recipe for something with a deadly sounding name, like The Nightshade Nightcap.


And for the porch, I’d buy an old rocking chair, spray-paint it black and add a “Booo” jute pillow ($35.50).


I love this candy-gathering device, I mean, trick-or-treat bag. The pumpkin Lands End tote bag ($20) is round,  a fun take on the company’s famous canvas totes.


Visit Gifts.com for more Halloween Gift ideas, check out our blogs on Halloween Safety Tips for Kids and learn how to throw a monster bash. Happy Haunting!


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