Make It a Funny Valentine’s Day

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Laughter elevates your mood, decreases stress and boosts energy. Humor also plays an important role in forging new relationships—and making them last. When my husband and I took that hike, lost the trail and ended up scrambling down a cliff to make our dinner reservations, we laughed until we cried late into the night. Best. Date. Ever. Missed flights, cancelled reservations and unidentifiable food? That’s the stuff many a great story is made of. Families that laugh together, stay together—the crazies and all. So why not celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a gift that is funny?

Big hair. Hideous, oversize sweaters. Odd body part placements and fishbowl haircuts. You’ve probably seen a few highlights on social media, but Awkward Family Photos are the best. Laughter will ensue when you present the Awkward Family Photos Board Game ($10.59), which is based on the popular website and New York Times best-selling book.



Why simply change the TV channel when you can cast spells as a magical, powerful wizard? Put the power of digital entertainment at your loved one’s command with the Magic Wand Remote Control ($89.95).



Your man is already a super hero. Now help him save the world (or at least grill some killer steaks) with the DC Comics Batman Apron ($24.95).


When is a glass of wine more than a glass of wine? When it doubles as a musical instrument of course. Make your next meal a little more fun with these Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses ($65 for two). When you’re ready to play a new tune, just take a couple of sips and begin again. Each glass accommodates a full A-major scale.



Finally, there is Grumpy Cat. With so much grouch and grumpiness there is nothing to do but laugh. The Grumpy Cat book ($9.90) captures the finest, most curmudgeon-y moments of the Internet’s favorite feline.



Love—and laughter—make the world go ‘round. So add a belly laugh to this year’s Valentine’s Day! Check out all our Valentine’s Day gift ideas and for silly fun, gag gifts, at

Jennifer Benson is a freelance writer based in San Diego, where she lives with her very tall Valentine of nearly 15 years and her three slightly shorter Valentines who will soon also be taller than her. Her favorite Valentine’s Day cards are cut out of red, white and pink construction paper, and she jumps at the chance to give or receive a heartfelt gift over chocolate every time.

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