St Patrick’s Day Entertaining

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St Patrick’s Day entertaining can be slightly more difficult to plan for than your average holiday gathering. We’re going to help you and your guests experience a holiday in a way that’s a step above those drugstore foil shamrock cutouts and a keg of bright green beer. Below are some ideas on how to decorate festively (and inexpensively) for the occasion; suggestions for themed food that guests will actually be okay putting in their mouths; and, of course, fun drinks to serve that will keep the party going.

How to Decorate

Try painting mason jars different shades of green to use for centerpieces or make some DIY green paper pom poms to hang around your space. If you have the room, create an entryway using an arc of rainbow colored balloons with a big pot of gold candies at the end.  This idea also works well as decor for your sweets or drinks table.

What to Serve

Be sure to treat your guests to some festive St Patrick’s Day nibbles. If you are hosting a brunch, use green food coloring to make stacks of green pancakes for all of your guests. If it’s an evening event, turn to fresh herbs for your green colors, or serve a minted green pea soup in mini cups. Fruit is a great way to bring in some rainbow themes, make fruit kabobs stacked in the colors of the rainbow or an arched fruit tray with a pot of gold candy (like Rolos) at the end.


A personalized beverage tub is cute idea, whether you place it tabletop or hip high.

What to Drink

Green Jell-O shots are a college favorite for this holiday, but for a more grown-up version, use orange or lemon peels as the container instead of plastic shot glasses. You could also serve Irish specialty beers, or create a fun experience angle by creating an Irish Whiskey tasting station. Be sure to stock up on bottles of Perrier or Pellegrino for some non-alcoholic, green-bottled options.

Check out all the St. Patrick’s Day gift ideas at, and be sure to stay tuned for tips on entertaining for Easter.

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