The Yummiest Halloween Treats

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The interwebs are all aflutter with adorably spooky and eerie-sistable Halloween treats and sweets, and here at, it is no different. This time of year is for sure one of our favorites, with all the ghoulish costumes, ghastly decor, and have you seen our spook-tacular Halloween cocktail roundup?! There are endless ways to celebrate Halloween, but most of them include sugar. So, I’ve come up with a selection of festive Halloween goodies that are to “die” for. If you are hosting an event, than these treats will be a hit with your guests and goblins, and if you are attending a Halloween party, than the ghost…I mean host, will be even more ecstatic to have you when you show up with any of these celebratory treats.

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Halloween Treats You Can Buy:


Handmade Halloween Cake Pops
Handmade Halloween Cake Pops


Halloween Cookie Jar
Halloween Cookie Jar With Treats 


Giant Halloween Fortune Cookie
Giant Halloween Fortune Cookie 


Buttercream Frosted Halloween Cookies
Buttercream Frosted Halloween Cookies 


Halloween Witch's Treats
Halloween Witch’s Treats 


Ghoulish Goodies Gift Basket

Ghoulish Goodies Gift Basket 

Halloween treats box

Halloween Treats Box

Halloween Treats You Can Make:


Vampire Caramel Apples
Vampire Caramel Apples, Courtesy of Erica’s Sweet Tooth 
• 6 washed and dried apples (preferably red so you can make some red “lips” show through)
• 6 Popsicle or lollipop sticks
• 4 tbsp butter
• 1/2 cup light corn syrup
• 7 oz sweetened condensed milk (1/2 of can)
• 1/2 cup granulated sugar
• 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• Handful of mini marshmallows


Ghost Cupcakes
Cupcake Ghosts, Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens
• 12 2 1/2inches White Chocolate Cupcakes or other 2-1/2-inch white cupcakes in paper bake cups
• 1 16 ounce can of vanilla frosting
• 12 1 3/4inches white-chocolate cupcakes or other white cupcakes
• 12 small glazed or plain doughnut holes
• 16 ounces purchased white rolled fondant
• Black candy-coated sunflower kernels or 1 tube black icing


Candy Corn Cheesecake
Candy Corn Cheesecake, Courtesy of Wilton
• Orange icing
• Lemon Yellow icing
• Golden Yellow icing
• Checkerboard cake pan
• Disposable decorating bags
• For instructions and ingredients visit


Eyeball Cupcakes
Eyeball Cupcakes, Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

• Use purchased red icing to pipe red zigzags atop a white-frosted cupcake.
• Place a circle gummy candy on top of the cupcake using white frosting to secure.
• Dip a small doughnut hole in melted white chocolate or icing; place on top of gummy candy for eye.
• Use icing to attach a small chocolate candy to the top of a doughnut hole for the pupil.

Be sure to see all of our Halloween treats and sweets on We hope you have a very sweet Halloween!

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