Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teachers

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In third grade my teacher complimented—and encouraged—my creative writing. This led to a winning entry in a young author’s contest, followed by the high school newspaper, the college newspaper, magazines, corporate writing stints and, ironically enough, this blog. While you may think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for lovers, or a day to shower your children with hearts and candy kisses, it is also the perfect opportunity to tell a teacher “Thanks for all you do! My children will remember you for a lifetime.” Like anything with real meaning, your gift doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy. It just has to be something from the heart. Here are five unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the teacher in your child’s life—all for less than $30. Pair any of these with a homemade card to add the perfect touch.

Dress Up a Desk

Your favorite teacher can create a floral vignette on a desk or windowsill with this clever tube vase ($28). Various heights and hues give visual interest to flowers of all types, from wildflowers picked by students to garden blooms brought in from home to brighten the classroom.



Classy, Eco-friendly Entertaining

Outside of the classroom, it’s time to relax and savor a taste of the good life. Whether your favorite teacher is entertaining friends or sharing a quite moment with the love of his or her life, the Wine Bottle Platter ($18) adds a touch of eco-friendly flair. Made of 100 percent recycled glass, each one-of-a-kind platter even includes a spreader.



A World of Inspiration

Teachers spend long days instructing and inspiring young minds. So why not give a little inspiration back? Through the Lens: National Geographic Greatest Photographs ($20.28) features spellbinding photographs that span 100 years and poignantly capture every region of the world—and outer space.




Memories to Last a Lifetime

Love may make the world go ‘round, but it’s the memories that make love last. Capture the special moments that every new school year brings and share them on the stylish and versatile hanging photo mobile from Kikkerland ($12.92). Photos from class celebrations and field trips can easily be clipped in, or students can even write notes sharing their own personal memories.



When Enough Is Enough

Kids will be kids—and even the best of teachers is bound to have “one of those days.” So like a good Boy Scout, help your favorite teacher “Be Prepared” with the Emergency Aromatherapy Solution Candle ($14.99). The essence of basil provides mental clarity, while sweet lemon and grapefruit reenergize and uplift the soul. Aah, feeling better already. (And tomorrow is a new day.)




Still looking? Check out other great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for teachers, and for everyone special in your life.

Jennifer Benson is a freelance writer based in San Diego, where she lives with her very tall Valentine of nearly 15 years and her three slightly shorter Valentines who will soon also be taller than her. Her favorite Valentine’s Day cards are cut out of red, white and pink construction paper, and she jumps at the chance to give or receive a heartfelt gift over chocolate every time.

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