Your First Valentine’s Day Together

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Valentine’s Day is a sticky holiday for anyone who is at the beginning stages of a relationship. When should you give a gift? How do you know if you are even spending the holiday together? What should you not give? It’s always sweet to give anyone you have been seeing around the romantic Valentine’s Day holiday a little something to show you are thinking of them, even if you have only been on a few dates. If your relationship is not yet at the 2 month mark, give something small or funny, like a Giant 5 Pound Gummy Bear.  After 2 months, ramp up the gifting a little and see our recommendations below.


A lighthearted sweet, like this giant gummy bear ($31.80) makes for a perfect “we just started dating ” token.

When in Doubt, Go for a Gift You Can Enjoy Together

If you have only been dating a few months and you haven’t solidified the relationship status, choose a gift based off something you can both enjoy together. Think about their interests and go from there.  You could take a sushi lover to a sushi making class, for example, or give a chocoholic a chocolate walking tour.

It’s Okay to Bring it Up

In our book, it’s totally fine to bring up Valentine’s Day and see what they think.  You can discuss from there. The worst situation to be in is when both of you are unsure about if you are exchanging gifts or the level of gifts you are exchanging. You both are just trying to make sure you are on the same page, so make it easy for each other and talk about it!

Avoid These Things Early On

Unless you are in a committed, long-term relationship, there are a few types of gifts we recommend staying away from. Lingerie or boxers is sexy and romantic, but save that for a few Valentine’s Day down the road. Instead, try a cozy robe or monogrammed slippers instead.  Also be careful when gifting an “everyday-wear” item, things like purses or belts. Save those items for when you know the person and their likes and tastes very well. For more Valentine’s Day gift ideas, visit, where we have gift ideas for your new girlfriend and your new boyfriend.


Monogrammed slippers are a classy gift appropriate for an early-stage relationship.


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