A Solution for Dogs with Anxiety!

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Is your dog afraid of thunder like my three year old shih-tzu, Donald, who cowers when thunder strikes? When storms roll in, you’ll find Donald hiding in the bathroom or under my bed. His sad little face has made me wish for a solution. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the commercial for Thundershirt! I called them right away to try out a sample. Luckily, they agreed and I was able to put this great pet gift to the test on my little Donald!

Product Name: Thundershirt ($39.95+)

What it is: A product designed to help pets with anxiety feel more at ease.

How does it work: You wrap the shirt around your pet so that it has a snug, hug like fit. The snugness is said to comfort your pet and calm its anxiety.

Originality/ Uniqueness of Product: At first Thundershirt looks just like any ordinary outfit that you would dress your dog in, but after reading the directions there is some serious magic to it! Thundershirt claims that it can help common problems such as the fear of thunder, travel, crating, and separation; which makes it worth its weight in gold if it works. There aren’t a lot of alternatives out there for pet anxiety except for medication, which for many pet owners can get very expensive. I think of the Thundershirt as a safety net for dogs and cats.

Does it achieve its purpose? After a few times of putting it on Donald, I saw a major difference in the way he acts around loud noises and thunder storms! The Thundershirt is easy to put on and could be taken off easily without any difficulty. It creates a snug and gentle pressure, sort of like a hug, that is designed to calm and comfort your pet. Every now and then Donald gets a little bit nervous during storms but he isn’t as anxious as he used to be and is certainly no longer hiding under my bed!

How does it compare to other products? Other alternatives for pets with anxiety would be medication that add up to a lot of money for owners. Thundershirt is not just a one size fits all type of product, instead it is made for both cats and dogs and it comes in a wide range of sizes from XXS to XXL. But what touched me was that Thundershirt works with thousands of rescue groups and shelters by donating shirts to millions of abandoned and rescued pets.

Is it worth the price? The price of the basic Thundershirt is $39.95 in the color Heather Grey. They do have other colors such as Pink Polo and Blue Polo with an extra $5. But to make your pet’s shirt even more special you can personalize it for an additional $10. In my opinion the price of the Thundershirt is reasonable considering you will get peace of mind for yourself and your pet!


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