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Stuff happens… and stuff seems to happen a little more often when you have two little ones under your roof.

But stuff need not happened to gadgets!

Otterbox’s commitment to protecting your handheld devices is impressive. I recently wrapped up my iPod Touch in an Otterbox Defender case. The Defender protection is a two pronged approached where the iPod (ipad, iphone, or smartphone) is enclosed in a two-part plastic shell which is snapped together.

Next the device wrapped up in an outer rubberized skin. The result your gadget is extremely well protected from (typical and reasonable) falls, bumps, slips, and the common set of butter fingers. At the same time, all the gadget’s buttons and touch screen utility remain intact and perfectly easy to use.

My four year old is hooked on Fruit Ninja (yeah- the apple is really close to the tree on that one…). I’m certainly not above using the promise of a few games of Fruit Ninja to speed up pace of her getting dressed, brushing teeth or buckling into her car seat to go to pre-school. But here’s the thing, my four year has the manual dexterity of….a four year old!

It really didn’t take too long to start my field test of the Defender case. I am officially counting on my second hand, the number of times I’ve witnessed my daughter has dropping my iPod. I’m certain I’ve missed a few too.

Sure, some of her fumbles are garden variety, low level drops to the carpet, but there have been a few horrific falls onto marble tile floors and a few whoopsies onto the pavement. I am more than happy to report, after the first few falls with the Defender case, I find I no longer wince when the my iPod crashes to the ground. It has thankfully survived each and every tumble.

So as a parent of a young one, it makes a lot of sense to child-proof your gadgets with an Otterbox case.

…and it makes a ton of sense to child-proof your devices even if you don’t have a child because stuff, indeed, happens.

(Disclosure: Otterbox provided a Defender case for iPod Touch for review.)

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