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The Gift: Tracks headphones by SOL REPUBLIC (available now for around $100)

The Scoop: I look for few things in a pair of headphones: great sound, super comfort, appreciable value and if those three are met, then it never hurts to score some style points. The Tracks headphones by SOL REPUBLIC stack up huge in all these areas.

Exceptional sound is by far the most important thing in a pair of headphones. Tracks excellent sound comes from two “Sound Engines” which drives thumpy bass yet doesn’t overpower. Tracks really are in their element with beat-driven music.

Tracks owe some of the great sound to the snug yet comfy fit. The fit acts as passive noise reduction (nearly noise-canceling) so outside sound does not get in the way. The other notable comfort feature is the Sound Engines themselves. They are extremely soft and cushiony and feel great even after extended periods of continued use.

Value is where Tracks really stand out. The headphone market is loaded with “high end” headphones and brands that are more popular for the celebrities who endorse them than how they perform. No knock on other brands, but SOL REPUBLIC with Tracks has made stand out headphones that are much more accessible than rivals to whom they’ll most likely be compared. At around $100 Tracks represent great value.

Tracks’ style is the cherry on top. First, Tracks just look great with their fresh clean look. Next, the headband holding the Sound Engines are interchangeable, so you can accessorize Tracks with three color options. Bonus points for a well thought out cord length and a cord that has three button controls which make Tracks ideal for pairing with your mobile device(s).

And even more bonus points for SOL REPUBLIC’s community highlighted by the brand ambassadors called “Saviors of Sound”. The Saviors of Sound are music inspired taste-makers who literally provide the Soundtrack Of Life.

Bottom line: Tracks set the bar high with a exceptional pair of headphones at a super price.

A Great Gift For: An top-flight choice for teens and up who are looking for a go-to pair of headphones. Great for students, commuters, and those who devour content at home and on the road.

* Sol Republic provided with a pair of Tracks headphones for review.

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