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I am NOT a morning person. So I’ll gladly accept any help I can get with the morning wake up call.  A few weeks ago, iHome sent me an iHome Studio Series Portable Rechargeable Audio System. Sure  that’s a mouthful (and why I’ll refer to it as the iP49), but if you break down the product name, you’ll see exactly why the iP49 would make a great holiday gift.

First, “iHome” that’s easy.  It’s a brand that’s synonymous with quality ipod dockable products. Next, “Studio Series” indicates, this system uses iHome’s proprietary Bongiovi Acoustics sound processing. It’s a technology that enhances the way your music sounds by improving the clarity and tone of the tracks. The bass will pound a bit deeper and highs will be more crisp and clear. You’ll especially notice the amazing and powerful sound when you crank your tunes up.

And “Portable” basically speaks for itself. The iP49 folds onto itself and makes it easy to pack to move to different room or to take it on the road with you. And with a ton of wake up and snooze alarm options, it will make it possible to wake up each morning on your terms!

“Rechargable” refers to the unit’s ability to re-charge you ipod or iphone while its docked. So when you dock you player into the iP49 at night, you’ll wake to your favorite playlist in the AM and your ipod/iphone will be fully charged and ready to go.

“Audio System” means that relegating the iP49 to the “alarm clock” category is a mistake. My kids have had full on dance parties in my room with the iP49 cranked up. The included remote control keeps the party going without having to hover over the system to change tracks.

Bottom line, I haven’t seen (or heard) an alarm clock that can fill a room with great sound like the iP49.

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