The Honest Kitchen for the Honest Dog

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I’ve unwrapped another pet gift idea to make sure it’s up to snuff and to give you the scoop!

Name of product: Honest Kitchen Embark Dog Food

What it is: Embark is a grain free, low carbohydrate dog food. This diet was designed for dogs of all life stages including active adults, puppies, pregnancy and nursing. Embark is a lower carbohydrate recipe and is also completely grain-free, organic and minimally processed.

How much is it: $44.00 for 4lbs (Makes 17 pounds of fresh food)

Originality/ Uniqueness of Product:   As a proud pet owner of two dogs I always want to feed them the best possible ingredients available. The Honest Kitchen did exactly that. I was given the chance to feed Donald and Daisy the Embark dog food made of fresh raw produce that has been gently dehydrated to ensure freshness and tastiness. The product is definitely unique considering that it isn’t your typical kibble. Instead, this dog food is 100% human grade and contains all natural foods such as free-range chicken, cage-free turkey, organic oats, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, and wild salmon. With all this delicious food, it’s tempting for me to take a bite too!

Does it achieve its purpose? The instruction was quite simple, mix food with warm water, stir well and hydrate for 5 minutes, then serve! I made the “love” edition for Donald. It is made of hormone free beef that is designed to cater to dogs of all life stages. “Love” is ideal for dogs that may have grain or gluten sensitivities, or to help maintain a healthy body weight. I fed Daisy “Zeal” because she is a sensitive dog that needs a grain and gluten free dog food. At first Donald and Daisy didn’t quite know what to think of it because they knew this was not their typical chicken breast cubes with carrots, apples, and zucchini. But Daisy has this tendency to look at Donald to see if he is eating it before she does, and before you knew it Donald was eating it up! Daisy eventually took little bites and at the end she was practically licking her bowl and asking for more.

How does it compare to other products? Other products don’t say that their dog food is FDA-approved for human consumption as well as gluten-free and grain-free. And, The Honest Kitchen provides the best quality ingredients and gets them from suppliers who focus on sustainability. Many ingredients are carefully sourced from organic farms in their ‘native’ countries.

Is it worth the price? The price may startle you at first because it ranges from $1.00 (trial size) – $96.99 for a 10lbs. box. Don’t let the weight of the box scare you. Another great bonus of this food is that it is dehydrated so that the packaging and weight for shipping is lower than most dog foods, making it more sustainable and giving it a smaller carbon footprint. All you have to do is rehydrate the food before serving it to your lucky pet. And, after reading hundreds of reviews from converted pet owners, I am convinced The Honest Kitchen is doing something right and it’s for the better health of our dogs!

The Honest Kitchen dog and cat food can be found on their website:

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