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Roughly, 15 years ago the office landscape was WAY different. Back then, websites were far from ubiquitous, social networking were two words they had yet to be paired together and the fax machine was the vital office tool. I mention this because about 15 years ago, our office was swept up by You Don’t Know Jack mania.

And in case your office wasn’t, You Don’t Know Jack was the CD-ROM game that pitted your knowledge of trivia against others in a wild game-show type format. In our office, just about every down-time moment was spent battling each other (on a shared office computer!) at the intensely fun and clever trivia game.

Until recently, I had pretty much filed You Don’t Know Jack as fun computer game memory- that pretty much died with the CD-ROM it was formatted on. So I was super excited when THQ, the game’s developer, let me know they had just released YDKJ on multiple game consoles (they also sent me a copy for review). I can happily report, that YDKJ has held up quite well over the years and still provides a funny, clever and very entertaining trivia game experience via your Wii, PS3 and XBOX.

The game play revolves around episodes which can be played in just over 10 minutes. The game contains 73 episodes which is well over a half day’s worth of original and unique questions. And while the questions get the right mix of difficulty and cleverness, the real soul of the game is Cookie Masterson- the game’s emcee and narrator. Cookie guides players through all the episodes with his trademark witty, snarky and wise-assy banter. I love that Cookie’s comments are funny and slightly edgy but never become annoying or go over the line. Favorite game play feature? I still love the “Screw Your Neighbor” play where you can make another game player answer a question you (and hopefully they) don’t know the answer to. The game is full of full wrinkles that keep the game fresh and fun for tons of replay value.

YDKJ is a great family game night title and terrific party game for adults too. I wouldn’t pop this one in for the kids but teens will most likely get the game’s snarkiness even if they don’t get all the questions.

Welcome back Jack.

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