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As a dog owner to two shih tzu’s, I have gone through quite a few bowls in search of the perfect bowl. The majority of the time, it never holds their food. Luckily, I found one that is stylish and practical. Modapet Designer Pet Bowls sent me their newest color and I was able to put this great looking pet gift to the test!

Originality/ Uniqueness of Product: Modapet offers fun designs and bold colors that offer a unique look away from the traditional pet bowls while still at an affordable price! Modapet is unique in that their products are all BPA Free, they are made from Food Grade Materials, skid resistant, chip resistant, and highly durable! I have done my research and a bowl with all of these features is pretty hard to come by!

Does it achieve its purpose? After being a little skeptical, I was surprised at how well the bowls did with my dogs. I used the Teal Appeal, which is one of the smaller bowls that holds up to two cups of food while the Sunflower, one of the larger bowls hold up to four cups of food. The Teal Appeal was for my little shih tzu named Daisy that weighs about 7 pounds and it was perfect! The curvature of the bowl gave her easy access to the food while not spilling it over. The Sunflower bowl was for my other dog Donald who weighs about 17 pounds, who is usually a sloppy eater but in this case the modapet bowl kept everything in place thanks to the sloped lip. The best part was the bowl not slipping or sliding while they were eating. You know how the bowl can scoot across the room when the pups are really chowing down.

How does it compare to other products? Usually pet bowls are not stylish and they are not offered in a wide array of colors. But the Modapet bowl comes in bright, cheerful colors making it more appealing to set out where everyone can see!

Is it worth the price? The bowls that hold up to two cups of food are priced at $14.95 or the larger bowl that holds up to four cups is priced around $20. In my opinion the prices are actually pretty reasonable considering all the features you are getting with the bowl! The quality means that these bowls will last. If you take good care of them, they may be the only bowls that you need for the life of your pooch!


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