Wicked Good BBQ Gift Idea For Dad

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The Gift: “Wicked Good Barbeque” (available now for around $15)

The Scoop: If authors Andy Husbands and Chris Hart ever invite you over for a meal, say “yes!” …immediately! Andy and Chris have been piling on Barbeque championships and accolades with mouth-watering regularity. They have now taken tons of their Barbeque knowledge and put it in the amazing new book “Wicked Good Barbeque”. What’s great is Andy and Chris have shared some of their best, most fearless, recipes in “Wicked Good Barbeque”. Goodies such as “Seven-Layer Dip of Disbelief”, “Wicked Pulled Pork” even the mixed drink recipes are show-stoppers in the own right, but the one that really reels you in is the “Jack Daniel’s World Championship* Winning Rib Recipe”.

*Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue is basically, the biggest, baddest, BBQ competition there is.

A Great Gift For: dads on Father’s Day and barbeque and grilling fiends who are always looking to taking the grilling skills up a notch or two…or six.

We were lucky and to grab Andy and have him do a quick Q&A with Gifts.com shedding some insights on great grilling gifts as well as how to up your game behind a grill.  BIG BONUS: We’ve included two go-to recipes from “Wicked Good Barbeque that will instantly make your grilling better.

Gifts.com: Andy, what are a few indispensable grilling tools that would make great gifts?

Andy Husbands: High quality stainless steel spring tongs. Never use a fork to flip meats as piercing the meat allows juices to escape. Tongs are an indispensable grilling tool. Another is a cooler full of cold beer.

G: What is a common BBQ or grilling mistake made by “weekend warriors” behind the grill?

AH: Applying BBQ sauce too early in the grilling process. Most all bbq sauces have a good bit of sugar that will burn and turn black well before meats are cooked through. The most common weekend warrior mistake is burnt on the exterior and raw in the center.

Instead try seasoning meats liberally with only salt and pepper. Grill until almost cooked through. Add bbq sauce during the last 10 minutes of the cooking process.

G: Burgers & dogs are spring/summer time staples on the grill. What are few simple things someone could do to add new life to these classics?

AH: Our favorite way to cook hot dogs is to add an aluminum pan to the grill with a mixture of beer, mustard and onions. Grill the hotdogs over direct heat and then add to the pan. The dogs will plump up and take on the flavor of the sauce. Also its a great way to hold the hot dogs until your guests are ready to eat.

For burgers make a Juicy Lucy! Stuff a couple slices of your favorite cheese into the center of your burger to create a delicious burger that oozes with cheesy goodness in the center

G: Could you tell Gifts.com some of your favorite non-food items that will really enhance a meal cooked and enjoyed outdoors?

AH: Our favorite is a card table, high quality deck of cards and poker chips setup outdoors in the shade. We like to break our guests away from TV and their smart phone. Everyone loves a good card game and it pairs perfectly with grilled food and cold beverages.

RECIPES (published with permission):



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