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PETSWho can deny the power of a cute animal pic? We all try to be sophisticated and discerning, but just about everyone in the office uses animal pics as an easy “pick me up”. We don’t all openly admit to it, but between the puppy cam and the panda cam and all of the adorable images on Pinterest we smile a lot more at the office than we would otherwise!

I’ve actually secretly been collecting the most adorable images of pets on’s Pinterest board, Playful Pets. If you need a quick lift in your spirits and want to crack a smile for a minute or two, definitely visit that board. If you want to look like you’re doing something slightly more productive on your work computer, you can check out our favorite pet gift ideas on where you’re guaranteed to see some adorable “models” in cozy beds, clothes and playing with too-cute toys.

It’s also nice to know that other folks out there have the same love for cute animal pics that I do. For example, The Pioneer Woman always highlights her dogs Charlie, Walter, and Bruiser. They are the loves of her life and make regular appearances on her hugely popular blog! My pets Donald, Daisy, MoMo, and BoBo are also members of the family, as they should be!

So, for animal lovers everywhere, here is the ultimate smile generator. Scroll down for a small collection of the cuddliest, cutest and silliest animal images around.

Do you collect adorable animal images? Share your board or blog with me in the comments!

A funny bunnyImage Courtesy Of: WeKnowMemes

Clown Puppy

Image Courtesy Of: IsabelaHuang.Tumblr 

Rascal Puppy

Image Courtesy Of: The Fluffington Post


Image Courtesy Of: It’s a Pug Life.Tumblr

041213 E I waste so much time

Image Courtesy Of: I Waste So Much Time 

Harry Potter Dog

Image Courtesy Of: Mod is Monet


Image Courtesy Of:

Swinging Hamster

Image Courtesy Of: IsabelaHuang.Tumblr


All the images can also be found on our Playful Pets Pinterest Board.

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