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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest consumer technology trade show. Nearly 150,000 attendees are on hand to check out over 2500 exhibitors showcasing their latest products on more than 1.6 million feet of exhibit space. This trade show is massive!

Since consumer electronics are the hottest and (still) fastest growing gift segment, CES gives me a chance to get an early look at some great gadgets. CES also is a great place to spot the bigger picture trends in the electronics arena.

The sheer amount of products at CES is staggering, but I have turned Las Vegas upside down and found some cool ones that should make great gifts. Here are some of my favorites from CES 2012.

The Product: The “Lisbon” sleeve for 10″ tablets (available April 2012 for around $32)

The Scoop: I always love popping by the Golla Bags booth at CES. In my opinion, few companies highlight their products in a more eye-catching way than Golla Bags, and I think that has a lot to do with how Golla approaches their products. Golla bags comes from a design side and stands out with highly styled products that simultaneously fuse form and function. So whether it’s laptop bags, camera bags or tablet sleeves, there’s always a strong “eye candy” quotient associated with these gadget cases.

A great example is the “Lisbon” sleeve for tablets (similar styles made for both iPad and up to 10″ non-iPad tablets).

This simple yet very cool sleeve not only stands out with its sleek looks, but when opened there’s a cool little detail. Inside the sleeve there’s a sewn-in seam which allows your tablet to be slid in on it edge so the sleeve can be used as a tablet stand.

Golla gave me a “Lisbon” to use and review. On my flight back from CES, I used the sleeve as both a carrying case and as a stand to watch a movie. Twice on the flight, I was asked about the sleeve and heard comments impressed with the sleeve’s smart looks (a vibrant orange sleeve interior seems to have done the trick).

I’m guessing that’s an average day in the life of a Golla bag.

A Great Gift For: Gadget and tablet owners who love to stylishly zig while the masses zag.

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