CES 2013 Trends: Here’s To Your Health

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After perusing literally acres of the newest consumer electronics at CES, you start to see clear themes and trends as to where tech is heading.

And while the latest 4KTVs and some of the more fun and gimmicky products (hello iPotty!) get a lot of attention, there are some distinct product categories that are new or are just hitting their stride that stand out big time. Here is the second of three tech trends that continue to evolve and impress!

Healthly Living 2.0

Not a new, but a continued trend on the floor of CES was the increased presence of connected health products.

We’re no strangers to Fitbit, so it was cool to see their product line extending with the introduction of their Fitbit Flex wristband-style activity monitor. The Flex monitors and tracks tons of physical activity data such as steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and a cool new one, hours slept. Staying fit then becomes a lot easier when you can measure daily and weekly trends via a mobile app or on the Fitbit site. (Coming Spring ’13 for around $100)

Like Fitbit, LARK introduced, “larklife“, a wrist-wearable activity monitor that tracks physical activity as well. larklife strives to help to steer users down a path a better wellness by adding a personal touch to activity monitoring with customized suggestions delivered to the user via iOS app. For example, if larklife notices certain trends in your sleep, diet and activity habits, it may message you via the app “10:30 p.m. is your optimal bedtime today”. (available now for around $150)

HAPILABS introduced a head-turner at CES with HAPIfork. HAPIfork is a smart, connected fork that monitors the way you eat. The idea is that if you can optimize the pace at which you eat, you’ll most likely slow down your eating and enjoy the benefits of weight loss and fewer digestive issues. The HAPIfork knows when you start a meal, the amount of “fork servings per meal, duration of these servings and overall meal duration. Connect the fork to your computer or to a smartphone via Bluetooth to take a look at your e-eating habits! (available in Q3 of 2013 for around $100)

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