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Traveling abroad is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I have enjoyed my share of international adventures for work and for pleasure. No matter what, I always come back home feeling enriched in some way. But, traveling can also be a big pain in the neck. For example: I wish there was an easier way to use my cell phone without being charged a gazillion dollars while abroad. Roaming fees can eat up travel budgets before you can even order a beer in a foreign language. Well, they used to, anyway. Enter KnowRoaming, a new product that I think will make an excellent gift for the international traveler in your life. I got a chance to see the product in advance and wanted to share the scoop.

THE GIFT: KnowRoaming 

Price: $35 

Who is it a gift for?

If you know someone who likes to get out of the States, whether it’s once a year or once a month, I have stumbled across a great gift idea for them. It’s perfect for hard-to-shop-for travel lovers, jet-setters, international salespeople and global business executives.

Why They’ll Love It:

KnowRoaming allows the recipient to pay local mobile fees in over 200 countries worldwide instead of paying roaming fees. The smart “sticker” goes right on their mobile sim card, using an applicator that comes with it. When the phone is in a foreign country, the app automatically acknowledges this and switches off the phone’s roaming. By going to the app, the user can see how much local fees are and can add money to their account to pay for service. Everything is done through the app, so it’s easy to use and stay connected without multiple devices or needing to access to a computer. One other amazing trick that this gift can do is give the user a local phone number for the duration of their trip. So, if someone is away on business or visiting family or friends, they can have a local number that will cost others less to call as well.

Still confused? Here’s a video that might help clear things up:

You can pre-order the gift through KnowRoaming.com, but the item won’t be available until early next year. Look for Gifts.com to carry it this spring. In the meantime, check out our Gadget Gifts and Geek Gifts for Men.

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