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99.9% of the time “the next level” is a tired cliché to describe a well-intentioned but usually uninspired update of something.

So when something truly is that “next level” you feel compelled to shout the news from the mountain tops.

The LEGO Master Builder Academy is all about the next level and is the most exciting gift idea I’ve seen all year.

The iconic toy company, has announced the LEGO Master Builder Academy (MBA) which is both a product an experience encouraging LEGO fans to become expert LEGO builders.

The LEGO MBA starts with the first kit called “Space Designer” (around $30). Space Designer includes space themed LEGO bricks, an 84 page designer handbook, a helpful too called a brick separator and online access to even more tips and a very vibrant and active LEGO MBA community. Working off of a space theme, the handbook walks MBA members through builds of some very cool models and give access to LEGO’s Master Builders. The LEGO Master Builders are LEGO’s in-house experts who serve as the brand’s design team and inspiration source. Throughout the entire LEGO MBA process, the Master Builders teach MBA members tons of tips and expert techniques to help builders go from LEGO lovers to building experts. The handbook also, teaches builders the process of how to imagine, sketch out, and then create their own amazing models.

Once LEGO MBA members feel comfortable with their new skills, they can access a members-only MBA site to learn even more Master Builder tips and share their creations with the MBA community. Community feedback will no doubt lead to even more creating (even the awarding of MBA badges for inspired models). Finally when mastery of Space Designer concludes a printable diploma will serve as both a recognition of job well done and the key to moving on to…the next level.

That’s right. With Space Designer under your belt, you can then subscribe to get the next 5 MBA kits with one arriving in the mail every other month (around $70). The subsequent themed kits take you through a new, even better, MBA experience. The bi-monthly kits are progressively more sophisticated and challenging and contain all the amazing tools, instruction and access you saw in the first kit. Over the next 5 kits, MBA members will acquire nearly 1000 bricks and over 400 more pages of handbook material- as well as continued access to the online community.While LEGO notes the MBA is for ages 8+, there’s no doubt kids of all ages (adults like me!) will love this as a gift. The LEGO MBA is also a perfect family gift where moms and dads can go through the MBA with their children for fun and creative quality time together.

Thanks LEGO for reminding us what the next level looks like.

The first kit, “Space Designer” is available now to be shipped June 1.

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