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Last week I attended the TRYX OUT: NYC launch party for the new TRYX camera by Casio. Many times companies focus a lot more on the “launch” than the “party”, but when Nicki Minaj and The Roots help to announce the very cool TRYX camera to the world, it’s safe to say there was plenty of party in that launch.

As you’ve probably noticed, the digital camera category is ultra-competitive on two fronts now. Not only has the point and shoot camera space become extremely crowded with tons of feature rich (and not terribly expensive) options, but smart phone cameras have made the point and shoot camera an even tougher place to gain camera market share. So when you launch a new digital camera to the public it not only better be a good camera- it better be different. And the TRYX appears to be both.

At first glance, you’ll know exactly why TRYX was the belle of the ball at CES 2011 in January. The innovative and stylish flip-phone like form in many ways defines its function. TRYX’s ability to rotate around itself allows for very cool shot-taking angles including making self-portrait style photos a breeze and 360 degree panoramic shots a snap. Whether you’re taking still shots or 1280p HD movie clips, the TRYX’s blend of image quality and shooting versatility will reasons enough to leave your smart phone in your pocket. Also, the TRYX is very aware that the ability to share a good shot is as important as taking one. The camera’s included software makes it really simple to select the photos and videos as they’re being shot and then have them automatically upload to social networking sites of your choosing (such as Facebook, Flickr and Youtube).

And lastly, another nice feature on the TRYX is what Casio calls “HDR-Art” which is basically real-time photos editing and enhancement. HDR-Art makes impressive artistic images on the fly which used to take separate photo editing skills and software to achieve.

The bottom line is, until smartphones can produce scrapbook worthy pictures under most shooting conditions, it’s probably premature to put the point and shoot on the endangered species list. In the meantime, point and shoots have to continue to evolve in their feature set and ease with which they’re able to share content with others… -and let’s face it, making the shooter a piece of eye candy won’t hurt either.

So it looks like Casio has taught an old dog new TRYX.

Great for any of this spring’s gift-able celebrations- I’m thinking of you Moms, Dads, and Grads!


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